sales data from Top’t Corn

In this project, you will work with sales data from Top’t Corn, a popcorn company with an online store, multiple food trucks, and one store in a local shopping mall.

There are 4 food truck locations and Tyson’s store in the mall.  The New Truck tab shows data on whether they can afford a loan.

Notice these calculations in the data:

  • Calculated totals
  • Pie charts representing total units sold by location
  • Column chart that represents sales by popcorn type
  • Loan payment calculations for a new truck

Review the Data, PivotTables, and PivotChart.  Analyze the data so that you can report it out to an audience such as your work peers and your boss. You will develop a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation using the tools learned in your textbook, “Integrating Excel into Business Problem Solving”.  You will record this presentation using Kaltura.


In this final project presentation, you will answer questions below in a presentation format (PowerPoint, Prezi).  You do not have to say the questions out loud, but you must discuss your data in terms of the questions below, as if you are reporting your data to your boss.

Present your raw data, PivotTable(s), and PivotChart(s) by discussing answers to the questions below.

  1. What is the company name and what kind of data will you be presenting?
  2. What does the raw data show?
  3. What data does the PivotChart and/or PivotTables summarize?
  4. Why is this summarized data important?
  5. Find the top 10 sales dates and the average minimum and maximum sales.
  6. Explain some maximum and minimum data on your PivotTable/Chart.

Please select one of the different ways you can submit an audio/visual presentation of this assignment, using Excel, PowerPoint, or Prezi.

  1. You can record video and upload it directly to YouTube™. You must have a Google® account that is registered on YouTube. A YouTube channel is required to process and save your webcam videos.
  2. You can use Kaltura or Jing to narrate and record your screen.
  3. Review the rubric as your guide to how you will be graded by your instructor.
  4. Upload your project.

The goal is to demonstrate Data reporting skills. Make sure that when you demonstrate and explain the data as instructed, please ensure that you are very descriptive, as if explaining to an audience with no prior knowledge of Excel spreadsheets or analysis of data.

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