Safety OR Legal Responsibility Issue


Write a critical analysis of 800 words on an issue of safety or of legal responsibility that you explored in some depth, ensuring it is specifically related to the specialty area (It is Med/Surgical- colorectal ward for me) you are/will be completing your placement in.

1) Safety OR Legal Responsibility Issue: 800 Words

Choose Only One and write on either Safety OR Legal issue

You need to identify a safety or legal issue that you can write on.

The issue you choose should relate to the area of your clinical specialty. You need to do your own research/reading to identify the safety and legal issue(s) you can write on.

Explore issue in depth:

This means you need to discuss the issue you have chosen either safety or legal issue in depth. Exploring the issue in depth also refers to the assessment itself which is asking students to critically analyse the issue you are discussing. This simply refers to:

• Discussing the issue to demonstrate why you think the problem identified is an issue, how it impacts on patients and scope of practice; and the responsibilities you will need to observe or undertake in order to address the issue in view of your rights and responsibilities as nurse.

• Discuss points, provide rationale and support points with literature/references.

• Within your rights and responsibilities refers to linking your understanding and application of NMBA’s standards to practice and the issue you are discussing.

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