review and critical analysis

Extensive written review and critical analysis of current literature in research area picked by student. The topic that I choose is “SURFACE TENSION OF LIQUID METALS AND ALLOYS”. The literature review format should include the following: ? 8.5” x 11” ? One-inch margins with ragged right margins ? Double spaced ? 12-point Times New Roman font ? At least four numbered equations ? At least two tables ? At least two figures ? >2000 words, not including references ? At least 20 suitable references in the format of the journal or conference to which you would submit this manuscript. Please specify the journal or conference at the top of the document. See next page for rubric. Project Description – 5 points each Focus: Is the focus of the paper clear? Is the focus developed adequatly? Are alternate ideas considered and discussed? Report Format Title and author information Organized as topics within research area Margins, spacing, font Appropriate number of pages References and Citations Appropriate and effective use of citations Consistent format Organization Clear and well-integrated sections Organized paragraph layout Professional appearance and formatting Consistent layout, well-placed page breaks, etc.. Puncuation, grammar, and spelling Non-text content (Figures, equations, tables, etc…) Numbering, clarity, format Sum of 70.

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