Resource Management

Resource Management Sample Assignment

You are employed as a researcher for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in the UK.  Funding has been provided for a study of resource management in organisations.  The aim is to compare the management of physical and human resources in different sectors.

Your role is to carry out research into profiled organisations representing different sectors.   You will then choose a specific organisation to carry out further research.

You will present your research findings in a report.

You will find brief profiles of three businesses in Appendix 1 and a more detailed analysis of an organisation in Appendix 2.  In order to ensure your report is comprehensive you will need to carry out supplementary research into similar businesses in these sectors to ensure you provide detailed findings.

Task 1

In the first part of your report you must:

  • Analyse the differing resource requirements of the three profiled businesses in different sectors. (AC 1.1)
  • Explain the importance of resource management and how this is achieved within organisations. (AC 1.2)

Distinction task

To achieve a Distinction you must:

Evaluate internal and external factors which impact on resource management. (AC 1D1)

Task 2

In this part of the report, you should explain the importance of the effective use of physical resources by providing:

  • An evaluation of how the use of physical resources is monitored and managed
  • An evaluation of the measures to reduce the impact of resource wastage
  • An assessment of the costs of high profile technological failures
  • An assessment of the business case for the use of ethical and sustainable resources.

You should give examples from each sector that relate to the organisations profiled.

(AC 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4).

Merit task

To achieve a Merit you must:
Evaluate recent high-profile cases of resource wastage and their impacts

(AC 2M1)

Task 3

Referring to the profiled businesses or similar organisations, provide a section in the report on how to use human resources effectively.


  • An assessment of the need for human resource planning in the workplace
  • An evaluation of the methods used to monitor and improve employee performance
  • An assessment of the effectiveness of reward systems in different contexts.

(AC 3.1, 3.2, 3.3).

Distinction task

To achieve a Distinction you must:
Evaluate the impact of employee engagement in an organisation you have researched (AC 3D1)

Task 4

For this section of your report, you will need to explain the data required to make judgements on the effective use of human and physical resources.  You can use the case study provided in Appendix 2 to assist you.  When using the case study you must ensure that you utilise all of the information provided.

In this section of the report, you will:

  • Explain the data needed to review and make judgements on employee performance
  • Explain the data needed to review and make judgements on the utilisation of physical resources

(AC 4.1, 4.2).

Merit task

To achieve a Merit you must:
Use examples to evaluate how resource management practices have contributed to business success or failure (AC 4M1)

Guidelines for assessors

Work submitted by learners must achieve the learning outcomes and meet the standards specified by the assessment criteria for the unit. To achieve a merit or distinction grade, the learners must demonstrate that they have achieved all the criteria set for these grades. Where work for the pass standard is marginal, assessors can take account of any extension work completed by the learners. The suggested evidence listed below is how learners can demonstrate that they have met the required standards.

Task  numberLearning   outcomes and assessment criteriaSuggested evidence
1.LO1 AC1.1, 1.2, 1D1In this section of the written report the learner must provide a thorough analysis of resource requirements related to businesses in different sectors of the economy. Learners can refer to the case studies provided but they should exemplify their work by using examples from other organisations to demonstrate understanding required by the LO. Distinction candidates will evaluate a range of internal and external factors impacting on resource management. The evaluation should consider the factors in turn and their impact on organisations. The evaluation should lead to judgements
2.LO2 AC 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6 2D1The evaluation should clearly show how        the use of physical resources is monitored and managed.  The learner must use examples to illustrate their understanding of this topic. The evaluation of measures to reduce resource wastage should include the impact on businesses and the wider environment. The assessment must make use of current examples of high profile technological failures and in addition there must be a full assessment of the range of different costs involved in failure. The business case should include a range of different benefits. Examples should be used to demonstrate understanding of this issue. The work for the Merit standard must be a balanced evaluation of  recent high profile cases of resource wastage and this should lead to realistic proposals for how waste can be used as a resource. The learner should use examples to illustrate the points which are made.
3LO3 AC 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3D1In this section of the report the learner should demonstrate their understanding of maximising the effectiveness of resource management. Their assessment of human resource planning must clearly show its importance for business effectiveness. A number of motivational theories should be referred to. A range of methods to monitor employee performance must be included and the evaluation must show the strengths and weaknesses of the different approaches. There must be an assessment of the impact of different reward systems in differing contexts and judgements made on their effectiveness. A Distinction candidate will evaluate how employee engagement can impact on an organisation, both positively and negatively.
4LO4 AC 4.1, 4.2, 4M1In this section of the report, the learner will provide a detailed explanation of the data needed to make judgements on employee performance and the utilisation of physical resources. The learner may use the case study provided or alternative information which has been researched. Merit candidates will extend their work and  evaluate the application of resource management practices and their contribution to business success or failure.  The learner must refer to named examples.

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