Research Proposal is an outline of a research project

The Research Proposal is an outline of a research project that the student proposes to carry out sometime in the future. The full research project will not be completed in this course. This assignment gives the student the opportunity to demonstrate that they are able to use the research template examined in this course to carry out future research projects. The proposal should be between one and three pages and follow the normal APSA citation guidelines. This paper needs to include the theory, methodology, and cases that will be examined as well as the data sources and expected findings. The paper should follow the template listed below and contain eight sections with individual headings and a works cited page. No extra content or sections should be included in the paper. The one to two page limit does not include the works cited page. This assignment should be for one project only and not include a second empirical proposal. A sample proposal is posted and available on Canvas for your convenience. The Theory: At the beginning of your prospectus, you will need to state the theory you are proposing to assess in one sentence. The theory should have a cause and an effect and relate to multiple cases (you cannot have a theory that applies to only one country). The theory should be a statement (not a question). The theory should also be general and not include your cases. The Method: You need to explain your methodological approach to the subject. This section can be one paragraph that describes the case study, comparative, or statistical analysis you will use in the project. If you do a quantitative study, state how you will carry this research out (regression, correlation, logit). Do not choose a mixed method study; choose only one of the methods and show that you can do so correctly. The Cases: You need to be very specific and identify the cases you will examine in the research project. How are the cases representative of the population addressed by your theory? What is the timeframe of your analysis? What is your unit-of-analysis? The Dependent Variable: You need to identify the dependent variable in your project (make sure that the form of the variable corresponds with your methodological choice). You should indicate exactly how it will be specified within your project and, if it is a quantitative source, the bibliographic source. The Independent (and Control Variables): You need to indicate the main independent/control variables that you will be using in your project. You will need to indicate how the variable will be specified and, if it is quantitative, its bibliographic source. The Research Logic: You need to show the logical relationship between your theory, method, and cases. Why does your proposed research project work to assess the theory? The Project Value: How does your project contribute to the existing international relations literature and what are its strengths and limitations? This does not need to be grand; small contributions are more important than grandiose ones. You need to name the research you are building off of and contributing to. The Works Cited: This must follow the APSA citation style which is provided on the class website.

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