Research Outline

ENG 240 Research Outline

Your Research Outline shows how you will organize your final ENG 240 essay.

Your Research Outline should contain the following sections;
• the thesis you will use for your argumentative essay
• notes to show the main idea of each support section as well as your counterarguments
• notes to show the supporting points you will have in each support section as well as some ideas you will use for rebuttal
• information from your sources (quoted or paraphrased) connected to your supporting points
• a full APA references list, containing at least 8 reliable sources.

Word limit; there is no word limit, as your outline is written in note form
Format: APA
Deadline:12 October 2019 (end of Week 7)

This assignment assesses the following course goals;

  1. Find, examine and assess academic source materials on specific topics.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of the writing process (choosing a topic, brainstorming and outlining, developing the ideas with choice of rhetorical modes, editing the writing).
  3. Select appropriate information from academic sources and include this in their own writing in a coherent, accurate and fluent manner.
  4. Show increased facility with use of paraphrase, summary and direct quotation and employing the conventions of APA referencing style.

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