Research Methodology (LBPG5018) Assignment 1

Research Methodology (LBPG5018) Assignment 1 (25%) – 2018/19

Provisional Title of Research Proposal (up to 50 words) The title of your research proposal should reflect the content

Aim of research (up to 30 words) (supply an overall aim of the research, e.g. the aim of this study is to investigate/ explore/ examine…)

Objectives of research (up to 150 words) (list up to three objectives of the proposed research; remember objectives should be SMART)
Rationale for study (300-400 words) (Give evidence, based on academic literature, why the topic is interesting, relevant and worth exploring. You should include relevant in-text citations to reference any academic sources of literature used. This section is essentially a brief literature review, which will be expanded and developed for the extended research proposal)

Research approach or methodology proposed (200-300 words) (Describe briefly the likely methodological approach you intend to use to deliver the aim and objectives of your research. You should also justify why the approach you have chosen is an appropriate way to tackle the topic you have proposed. You may also identify a suitable research strategy; will you collect quantitative or qualitative data, or employ a mixed methods study? How do you intend to collect the data? In-text citations to appropriate references should also be included)

Reference list (A list of all references used should be included here, using the Harvard system of referencing)

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