referece style:harvard style

referece style:harvard style

answer must be approximately 1500 words (excluding reference list in other words – the reference list is additional to the 1500 words) and fully referenced.

  1. To what extent are all first generation migrants discriminated against in the workplace?
  2. Current work life balance policies and research do not address the needs of the twenty first century families. Discuss.
  3. Critically evaluate the role of disclosure of ‘impairments’ for creating an inclusive and accessible workplace for disabled workers.
  4. Intersectionality is essential for understanding the experiences of women in the contemporary workplace. Discuss
  5. Critically evaluate the role of the concept of heterogender for understanding the experiences of LGBTQI workers.
    Dear All
    Here are main questions I am being asked about the take home exam. I will add more as questions come in.
    which industries (and how many industries) should I focus on? A: this is entirely up to you – decide if there is sufficient data/research to select one or more industries
    is it people with disabilities or disabled people? A: this was covered at length in the lecture – please check your notes. Disabled person/employee etc is the correct use of language in a UK context
    can I use material from outside the UK? A: yes just be sure to note the national context esp if this is relevant (e.g. some countries do not have protections for LGBT employees).

can I use an intersectional perspective for more than one question? A: Yes! Just make sure you’re not self-plagiarisng (i.e. repeating too much material))

is there a draft turnitin where I can check my similarity? A: This is a take home exam, so there is no draft turnitin
which are the theories covered in the course? A: this is something you can find from your own notes and the lecture slides
can I use economic theories? A: not really as this is a sociological course – you could critique a sociological theory by comparing to an economic theory although this might be difficult to do in 1500 words

should I have one reference list for the assignment, or one per answer? A: One per answer

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