readings and class discussions

Write a proposal (200-250 words) for your research paper. You are asked to draw on the readings and class discussions in English 1100 to generate a high-level issue – a prestige abstraction. This prestige abstraction becomes part of your topic. You should examine the existing knowledge on this issue, identify a knowledge deficit, and make a knowledge claim of your own. You must draw on at least one of the articles in this course to examine the existing knowledge on an important issue and identify a knowledge deficit. To support your argument in the actual research paper, you can draw on both course readings and outside sources (minimum 4 and maximum 10 sources).

The following are the characteristic moves for a research proposal:

Title: a working title (which may change when you write your paper) containing a major abstraction.

The big issue: a topic with a prestige abstraction which warrants this project. Some of the topics we have come across in this course are: language and identity, language and power, language and gender construction, cultural assumptions of gender, gender inequality, social impact of digital communication, cultural assimilation, cultural domination, social control, racial discrimination, etc.

Existing knowledge: what others have said on the topic.

Knowledge deficit: the limits of existing knowledge, what others have not said, or questions that may arise from the existing knowledge.

Knowledge claim/Thesis statement: a statement of your position that responds to the knowledge deficit and contributes to the existing knowledge on the big issue. You will be supporting/defending this position with reasoning and evidence in the research paper.

Note: Use MLA style of documentation.

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