Reading assignment “Do Muslim Women Really Need


please check the attached files. follow the instruction the instructor is very restricted about the grading policy.Attachment preview

we have one reading assignment “Do Muslim Women Really Need saving” by Lila Abu-Lughod. Based on this reading assignment, you should write your second C.I.  

a. After reading this journal article, you should select a quote that you find meaningful–the more specific your quote is, the more you can focus your argument.

c. Your C.I should be argumentative.  Therefore, a thesis statement must be included. 

d. Your C.I should include 4 pages (as you already know; page 1 should include the selected quote or paragraph and the questions you intend to answer in your C.I., page 2 and 3 should include your argument and developing ideas that support your argument, and page 4 should include your Works Cited page using MLA style)

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