Questionnaire Critique

 Using the resources from this module, list several general principles that you believe are important for sound questionnaire design. Then choose one of the questionnaires listed below and discuss the ways the questionnaire fits or violates your principles. It is fully understood that several of your principles may not easily be applied to these questionnaires because you do not know the exact background of how the scales were developed. Instead, focus on the principles you developed regarding item wording, response options, question order, and so on.

Big 5 Personality Inventory (Goldberg, 1993): One of the most commonly used measures of personality; scale on pages 3–4, scoring on page 4

Procrastination Scale (Lay, 1986): A scale intended to measure procrastination in student populations; scoring information on the second page

Disgust Scale (Haidt, McCauley, & Rozin, 1994; Modified by Olatunji et al., 2007): A scale intended to measure disgust; scoring information at the bottom of the page  

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