Public Policy and Public Administration

The topic of this discussion is based on Chapter 8:  Public Policy and Public Administration. For this assignment you will adopt the role of a policy analyst.  Policy analysts research and provided an analysis of information to recommend policy options to government.  You are asked to adopt an approach or theory through which to view a current Canadian conflict, development of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project.  The Trans Mountain expansion project was purchased by the federal Liberal government in 2018 and has dealt with conflicting views in society on how to move forward.  

In your discussion, explain which one of the concepts you believe provides the best approach in formulating a policy solution and why.  Please note that I am not asking you to come up with a policy solution (the focus is on step two of the public policy cycle, policy formulation). Once you have submitted your response, you will be able to see what concepts others have adopted.  You are to then comment if you would change or alternatively keep your perspective based on what others have argued.   

*The assignment to be completed in 200 words maximum.

A list of common approaches is provided in Table 8.1 and is also attached as a pdf.

Please refer to the following link for an understanding of the issue:


1 marks You post a comment to the discussion board
3 marks You have responded to another post
3 marks  You use correct composition rules (grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc.)
8 marks You have adopted a concept and defended your choice. 
15 marks  Total

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