PSY009700: Work Psychology

Subject PSY009700: Work Psychology

Johnsons is a medium-sized corporation started originally by Kenneth Johnson, who is still the chair of the board although it is now a public company. Johnson’s core business is providing personal care materials and services for a range of organizations across several countries.

Key Duties

  1. To consider and use a wide range of public relations and marketing techniques to get messages and information out to relevant communities, in discussion with the Communications team.
  2. Act as brand champion, ensuring consistent use of the corporate brand.
  3. To produce, and support the production of key internal and external newsletters and publication as required.
  4. Work with the communications team to develop and improve the use of social medial platforms
  5. To deal with relevant publication relations and marketing queries, including social media queries, and ensure they are answered promptly and accurately
  6. To support the delivery of key events and exhibitions and lead on these as required.
  7. To ensure effective processes are in place to manage relevant materials, for explore setting up online photo and literature libraries
  8. To research, identify and gather good practice and use it to inform activity.
  9. To work as part of the Communications Team, with involvement in all team activities, as required.