provide students with an opportunity

The purpose is to provide students with an opportunity to apply cost concepts and managerial analyses from this course to a real-world problem with global considerations.  This requires use of critical thinking and analytical reasoning to evaluate an issue based on both quantitative and qualitative factors.  Some of these require foresight and long-range planning regarding the environment and the potential effects of climate change.  It also requires developing an awareness of how other countries and governments are developing policies about climate change which can impact capital budgeting decisions for businesses wanting to locate there.

LEARNING OUTCOMES:  After completion of this inter-disciplinary assignment, students should be able to:

  • describe or define terms such as climate change, environmental considerations, capital investment, quantitative analyses, qualitative factors, managerial decision-making
  • understand the importance and implications of quantitative analyses for capital investment
  • identify important qualitative factors (such as climate change) relevant to decisions about
  • be knowledgeable about trade associations, government agencies, and other sources that can provide data for managerial decision-making
  • evaluate implications of potential climate change on managerial decision-making
  • analyze both quantitative and qualitative factors and make a recommendation

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