provide an opportunity to integrate knowledge


The purpose of this assignment is to provide an opportunity to integrate knowledge and apply a theoretical and practical understanding of one counselling modality to a case study. The counselling modality chosen must be different to the one chosen for Assignment 1.


Read the case study below and write an essay explaining how a counsellor might understand and work with this client from the perspective of one of the counselling modalities in this unit.

Case study

Esther is a woman aged in her 50s who comes to you because she has been unemployed for six months after she was made redundant. She has described feeling down in recent weeks as her job search has dragged on. She said she used to be someone who looked forward to work and who had felt really proud of her achievements. Esther said she that whilst initially she really enjoyed having more free time, she was now becoming increasingly anxious that she would never find work again. She said she is beginning to doubt her capabilities and is afraid that she will be “left on the scrap heap”. She has noticed that she is thinking negatively of herself and her situation. Her main goal in therapy is to reduce her anxiety and maintain her self-confidence. She has come to you because she has heard that counselling can help people feel good about themselves, and this is something she feels she needs help with. She says “I need to get back my enthusiasm for my life and I need to start liking myself again, rather than criticising myself and everything around me all the time”.

Your Case Study will need to include:

  • an overview of the principles and goals of the approach you have chosen
  • an explanation of how Esther could be understood from the perspective of your chosen approach
  • a description of how a counsellor might work with Esther using your chosen approach
  • examples of questions or dialogue that might be involved in taking this approach
  • an evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of taking this approach with Esther
  • reference to relevant literature, linking your ideas to theory discussed in the unit

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