Property A

Property A
Open Homes (yes) It secures the investment
Photos (salesperson) (maybe)
Photos (professionals) (yes)
Can make trustworthy relations
Shows the authenticity
Database (yes) Provide the company’s whereabouts.
Sign (basic sign) (No) Sign (photo) (yes) May hamper the privacy. Shows brand value.
Company Website (yes) The client can easily access
Real (upgrade) (yes)
Real (standard) (No)
Establish the brand value and goodwill
Not familiar to the clients
Upgrade trade me (yes) Provides company’s package.
Social Media (yes) Marketing promotion spread very first.
Local Newspaper (yes) Herald Homes (No) Emotional attachment. May show the weaker points.
Fliers (for open homes) (yes) Fliers (100 delivers) (yes) Easily connect with the locality. Door to door promotion.

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