Projects are often completed late

Question 1:

  1. Projects are often completed late.

Describe the techniques you would use as a project manager to improve the accuracy and reliability of your project schedule. In responding to the above points, be sure to: Critique project theory based on your experience and understanding. This is significant –don’t just “regurgitate” the theory Provide examples, data or other relevant information to support your discussion. Examples can be from work experience, Project Management research, Project Management case study group experience, for example. They should demonstrate the theoretical points you are asserting in the assessment questions. (2.5pts)

  1. Identify five common project risk strategies employed to address threats that your project may Give an example of each.(2.5pts)

Question 2:

During the execution of a project, a risk is identified by a team member. This newly identified risk is currently not in the Risk Register. As a Project Manager, what is the first action you would take after being notified of the risk? (5pts)

Question 3:

Project Management Case study questions: Read the case critically and answer the questions given at the end.

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