Project & Role Play

In this assessment you will be assigned to a performance team consisting of 3 people where you will be required to plan, monitor and review the performance of members of your team using one of the companies listed in Assessment task 1, Question 1.

Each performance team member will undertake a number of activities to manage the performance of one team member identified in point 2 in the procedures. This will include management activities such as developing a work allocation, identifying KPIs, participating in several coaching role plays, undertaking performance reviews and proposing a development plan for improving poor performance by the employee you are responsible for supervising.

Upon completion you will each be required to create a presentation of your outcomes. Your presentation should include an overview of your role and the worker’s role, work allocations, KPIs, the identified performance issues, an overview of the coaching activities and development options you considered and a review of worker performance in relation to the expected KPIs.


1. With your team, you are required to choose one of the companies listed in Assessment task 1, Question 1 and complete the operational and departmental goals of the operational plan.

2. Create and develop profiles for 3 different employees in that company to be ‘managed’ by you and your team members (identify job roles and departments).

3. Have your Trainer and Assessor approve your team’s employee profiles. 4. You must then take responsibility for one of the employees and be their manager.

5. Develop individual goals, KPIs and tasks for your worker and document these in the employee’s performance management plan.

6. Create three reasons why your employee is not achieving their KPIs (performance issues). You can select the reasons from the list below or develop your own:

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