PROJ6006 Organisational Behaviour

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PROJ6006 Organisational Behaviour & People
Lecture to cover
– Introductions/Expectations
– Overview Project Management
– Subject Run Down

Mouhamadou Gueye – Lecturer [email protected]
0458 856 633

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Today’s Schedule
1) Lecture
▪ Class Introductions
▪ Academic Expectations
▪ Subject Requirements
▪ Review – Project Management Basics
▪ Break
▪ Review – Project Management Basics – Continued
▪ Overview PROJ6006 Material
▪ Project Manager Leadership in Organisation
2) Discussion Assessment Requirements
▪ Introduction Lecture 2
3) Questions – responses
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Organisational Behaviour & People Management
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Subject Communication
Do you have access to
• Student email
• Black board
Vital to consistently check
• Student email
• Announcements
Discussions – Subscribe
• Ask the Facilitator forum
• Module discussions
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Common Course Acronyms
– Global Project management
– Master of Global Project management
– Project Management course number 6006
– Black Board
– Project Management or Project Manager
– How would I know which one you men
– Project Management Body of Knowledge
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Academic Expectations, ref science, law
Full Academic Procedures, Policy and Processes
Masters degree
• Not – high school or undergraduate standards
• Based more on your research
• critical thinking
• Ability to formulate own solutions according to your
Research sources
• Peer reviewed papers
• Publications
• Articles
• Emerging ideas
• In text citations
• References list
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Assessment Structure
General Overview Assignment
• Title Page
• Executive Summary
• Table of Contents
• Introduction
• Overview
• Purpose of Report
• Paragraphs
• Flow of overall paper themes
• Conclusion
• References
• Appendix
• Double spaced lines
• Correct In text citations
Grammar/spelling = important —– CONTEXT and CONCEPTS with theory to practice = VITAL
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Library – Accessing Resources
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Assessments Deadlines
Overdue assessments – Torrens Policy
8. Overdue assessments
An assessment is ‘overdue’ when it is not submitted by the due date or by the agreed
extension date (see section 9 for assessment modification arrangements available to
students with unexpected or extenuating circumstances). Should a student fail to submit
an assessment by the agreed date, 10% of the possible mark will be deducted for each day
up to five calendar days, after which a zero mark will be recorded.
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Assessments Extensions
Ok life does happen, so in the rare necessity
As SOON as you identify there could be a late risk trigger..
What to do?
Applying for assessment extension
• For 3 days or less, I can approve
• Extensions longer that 3 days must go through a formal application process, including
proof of cause.
We are PM – Scheduling is vital in meeting deadlines – change management process
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Greatest “Sin” in Academia
Torrens Policy Academic misconduct – plagiarism
Taking another persons work and displaying it as through it was your own.
Forms of plagiarism
• Copy from internet, book, article, video or presentation
• Copying another students work
• Simply not acknowledging the source of your research
Copying your own work form a previous assignment – “What” its my work?
Avoid plagiarism by doing extensive research and referencing where you sourced the
If we can see you understand the concepts and can argue, even though your referenced,
you will do well.
Also known in Legal terms as Fraud
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Class Operations
Punctuality – just common curtesy
Create a learning environment – requires your participation
You need more than understanding PM Theory, as you must communicate this
knowledge professionally, efficiently and effectively
• Proposals
• Business cases
• Reports
• Email
• Strategies
• Presentations Etc.
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Class Operations
Learning through participation in subject and class interactions, readings, research and assessments
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Type of projects we will be able to
• Information Technology
• Engineering
• Construction
• Medical
• Research
• Internal organisational restructuring etc.
• Academic
• Life…….
White board
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Naming Your Assessments
Assignments Naming/ Structure
Assessment name
• subj code_M#_surname_initial_assessment title (show on white board)
Assignment layout
• See first lecture slides on recommended structure
Referencing –
• Learning resource – Academic Writing Guide – APA 6th edition
Third Person – Academic writing
• First person can be used where indicated in papers such as reflective
journals and discussions, as a group – we.
© 2017 Laureate International Universities
Essential Reading
• Academic Writing Guide – APA (American Psychological Association)
Document: Module 1 Case study [PDF]
• Forum – Uploaded by your facilitator
Shenoy web article: PROJ6006 – Shenoy.pdf
• PROJ6006 – Shenoy.pdf
• Who has read this ? Types of power used by managers.
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Class Exercise
Shenoy web article: PROJ6006 – Shenoy.pdf
• PROJ6006 – Shenoy.pdf
You have 20 Minutes to come up with a presentation that includes how
you will plan selling newspaper/water at the front of Torrens University at
Flinders StWinning team wins a Pack of sweets
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Assessments Schedule

Assessment Component Points Due Date – by 11:55pm Sundays
Assessment 1- Module 2 Participation 10 13th October 2019 (Main post In Class – week 3)
Assessment 1 – Module 3 Participation 10 27th October 2019 (Main Post In Class – week 5)
Assessment 2 – Case Study Individual 40 10th November 2019
Assessment 3 – Project HRM Plan –
40 24th November 2019 (End of week 11-12)
Total Points 100

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Module Discussions (Module 2 and 3)
Your personal research will get you through this subject
• and every other one for that matter
Discussion 1 Due 2 weeks in class
Ensure Reading Resources are completed ready for discussions in Class
Especially the paper by Shenoy (2015)
The Main Post will be assessed in class, not on Black Board
Held in the 1st week of the discussion Module 3
(Week 3 and Week 5)
Change to discussions format
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Module Discussions
Minimum Requirements
• Approx. 250 words for your main post in class
• Hand your main post for grading
• After class transfer your written post to the online forum
• Online 2 responses to other students – for each topic
Main Post IN CLASS
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Project Management Principles Revision
Let us go over the basics of Project Management
It’s a big picture – how does it all fit together
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Definition of a Project
•A temporary endeavor undertaken to produce a unique
product, service or result.
•A Project is a temporary “organization” that is created
for the purpose of delivering one or more business
products according to an agreed Business Case –
•This is a unique set of processes consisting of
coordinated and controlled activities with start and finish
dates, undertaken to achieve an objective. – ISO 21500
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The application of knowledge ,skills, tools and techniques to project
activities to meet the project requirements.– PMI
The planning, monitoring and control of all aspects of a project and the
motivation of all those involved in it to achieve the project objectives on
time and to the specified cost, quality and performance. – Prince2
The application of methods, tools, techniques and competencies to a project.
Project management includes the integration of the various phases of the
project life cycle and is performed through processes. – ISO
Define Project Management
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Discussion Activity
Project Management Standards
• What are standards?
• Why do they exist?
• What are their functions?
• Are they all the same?
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Project Management Standards
A simple way of describing standards is
“Common solutions to repetitive problems.”
There are four types of standards:
PMI follows the Volunteer Consensus Standards Process
Hundreds of volunteers worldwide are involved in the four year
cycle for the benefit millions of people worldwide
• De Facto – widely adopted and accepted as best practice
• Consortia, or developed by companies
• Regulatory, or required by law and
• Volunteer Consensus
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Project Management Lifecycles
Scoping Planning Launching
A project management life cycle is a sequence of processes that includes:
Every valid project management approach must include these processes.
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PMBOK Process Groups
• Develop and gain approval of a general statement of the goal and business value of the project
Process Group
• Identify work to be done and estimate time, cost, and resource requirements, and gain approval
Process Group
• Recruit the team and establish team operating rules
Monitoring &
Process Group
• Respond to change requests and resolve problem situations to maintain project progress
Process Group
• Assure attainment of client requirements and install deliverables
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Project Management Life Cycles
Process Groups
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PMBOK Knowledge Areas
❖Integration Management
❖Scope Management
❖Time Management
❖Cost Management
❖Quality Management
❖Human Resource Management
❖Communications Management
❖Risk Management
❖Procurement Management
❖Stakeholder Management
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Project Integration Management
• Develop project overview statement
• Develop scope statement
• Develop project plan
• Launch project
• Monitor and control project work
• Integrated change control
• Close project
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Project Scope Management
What your client wants may not be what your client needs
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Project Triple Constraint
– Golden Triangle – Iron Triangle
Increasing scope typically increases time, cost or both and
Impacts on risk and quality
Stakeholder satisfaction
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Why do projects fail or become challenged and impaired ?
Brainstorm the following question in
© 2017 Laureate International Universities
Answer: Lack of some or all of the following
1. Stakeholder support and commitment
with common language
2. User involvement
3. Project management training
4. Clear business objectives
5. Minimized scope
6. Standard software infrastructure
7. Firm basic requirements
8. Formal methodology and process
9. Reliable estimates
10. Small milestones, proper planning,
component accountability and
11. Good Communications management
12. Good Stakeholder management
13. Understanding the organisational
14. Dedicated and experienced team
15. Good technical skills
16. Risks defined and managed
17. Motivated and responsive team
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Stakeholders are the people involved in or affected by project
activities positively or negatively.
Stakeholders include:
➢Support staff
➢Senior Management
➢Project sponsor
➢Opponents to the project
➢Project manager
➢Project team
➢Opponents to the project
Project Stakeholders
© 2017 Laureate International Universities
Managing Stakeholders is a key to project success.
How do we manage Stakeholders ?
1. Identifying your Stakeholders
2. Prioritise your Stakeholders
3. Understanding your key stakeholders (information needs)
4. Plan Your Approach to Stakeholder Management
5. Think Through What You Want From Each Stakeholder
6. Identify the Messages You need to Convey
7. Identify Actions and Communications
8. Develop strategy to monitor stakeholder satisfaction
9. Review for any new stakeholders as project progresses
Project Stakeholders
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Project Program and Portfolio Management
• Focuses of the project objectives meeting sponsor
and client needs
• Focus on managing a number of projects like sharing
organisational recourses across the projects
• Manages programs, projects or a number of both.
Focus on governance at the organisation level
ensuring all projects are in alignment with business
goals and objectives
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Project Portfolio Management – PPM
© 2017 Laureate International Universities
Term/Facilitator Information
Assessments Overview
Before submitting any work, make sure you got all the
support you need, library staff for referencing,
academic skills facilitators who hold regular
training sessions, Bb support…
Then you should be able to submit a fine job.
PROJ 6006 Overview
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Have a great week….

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