Professional development policy and procedure project

Assessment Task 3 : Professional development policy and procedure project

Carefully read the following:

Football South East Coast does not currently have a professional development process in place and would like to introduce one to ensure the professional development of all staff members.

A budget of $1,000 per annum is to be allocated to professional development for each staff member is.

Complete the following activities:

1. Develop professional development policy and procedures for Football South East Coast

Conduct research by identifying and reviewing a range of professional development policies and procedures that have been developed in similar scenarios.

The document should be approximately 2 pages

Your policy and procedures should include, as a minimum, the following:


  • Child Protection Policy
  • Football South East Coast is committed to ensuring that the health, safety and welfare of all children and young people is maintained at all times during their participation as a player, coach, official, volunteer or spectator of Football South East Coast.
  • In short there are possible legal ramifications for anyone who deals improperly with a person aged under 18. This applies to referees, players, and coaches under the age of 18.
  • The club will treat any child protection issues very seriously. The Executive Committee appoints a Member Protection Information Officer to act as liaison to club members on any child protection issues.
  • Member Welfare Policy
  • The club expects all its members to respect all differences between individuals. There is no place for discrimination of any type within the club including based on sex, race, illness, disability, popularity, mental capacity, marital status or aptitude for the game.
  • Parents are particularly asked to teach their children tolerance in all these respects as the club regards this as an essential component of their development as players and people.
  • BBFC aims to provide a sport environment where all those involved in its activities are treated with dignity and respect, and without harassment vilification or discrimination.
  • Coaches & Managers
  • Coaches and managers are volunteers. They are appointed to their position each year by the club. Their efforts should be respected by all players and parents. With younger teams’ parents play a major role in setting a good example to their children in this regard. Under no circumstances will the Committee condone public criticism of coaches Club members are at liberty to discuss issues of concern with the Player Development
  • Committee or the Committee exceedingly rare circumstances changes can be made mid-season, otherwise the process is that each position is opened for nominations at the conclusion of each season. or managers.
  • Food Safety Standards
  • The club prepares food on site. Certain safety standards must be maintained. These are kept at the Ground Control room and any person working on the BBQ should familiarise themselves with them prior to commencing work.
  • Goal Post Safety
  • Football NSW has issued guidelines for goal post safety that need to be observed. Serious accidents have occurred around soccer fields in the past leaving young people with suffering serious injury and in some cases, death. The main issues surround roo-ball posts.
  • All parents are required to be vigilant in making sure the posts are set up properly and that they are properly anchored. Players should be actively discouraged from swinging on posts as they may pull them down on themselves or others. This is everyone’s responsibility.

· Purpose of the policy:

This Policy provides the framework for professional development for all staff .

The purpose of professional development is to enhance personal and work performance, organisation and system outcomes, effective work relations and career development.

It helps committed to the continuing and equitable development of all staff members to facilitate the fulfilment of the Team goals as outlined in its Strategic Plan. It recognises the key role of professional development both to the efficient and effective operation of the team and to the work, career, and personal goals of staff. It also recognises the key role of professional development in enabling gender equity and assisting managers in retaining staff and workplace planning.

· Scope of the policy – who it applies to

  • This Policy is important to:
  • All staff.
  • Managers/ Supervisors; and
  • People and Culture.

· Types of professional development that may be undertaken

· Process for identifying professional development needs

· Criteria for determining whether the professional development opportunity is appropriate

· Budget allocated to each staff member

· Process for documenting and evaluating outcomes from professional development

2. Send an email to the team (your assessor).

The text of the email should be in grammatically correct English, written in an appropriate (polite, business-like) style.

It should introduce and summarise the contents of the attachment, and the benefits to the team of participating in professional development.

Attach your professional development policy and procedures to the email.

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