process for effective delegation

  • Utilize the Unit 3 template.
  • Identify and explain the steps in the process for effective delegation per Figure 7.5 of the course textbook.
  • Describe how you would advise VP Thomas to apply each step of the process to the delegation of the policy creation.
  • The paper is required to include an introduction, conclusion and be at least two double-spaced pages in length, using 11-point Georgia font. For assistance writing a paper or formatting a reference list in APA format, please see the Academic Writer link under Academic Tools.
  • Reference your course textbook and at least one external source from Purdue University Global Library.

Unit 3 template: (**The company is NIKE**)



In this section, you will introduce the topic and outline the main points of your paper.

Steps in the process for effective delegation

In this segment, you will identify and explain the six steps of effective delegation per Exhibit 7.5 of your textbook.

Vice President Thomas advice

Accurately utilize each of the six steps of effective delegation in your advice to Vice President Thomas.


A conclusion is like your introduction. You restate your topic and summarize the main points of evidence for the reader.


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