Problem solving

Career Action Plan

Figure 1: shows my plan after graduation

























  • Problem solving:

In the beginning of my first semester at the University of Technology Sydney, I had a subject called General microbiology. This subject required to attend to the lab weekly. We did many complex experiments in the lab regarding the gram staining and culturing bacteria. Hence, I had an elaborate experiment that needs a high problem-solving skill which I did not have this skill. Because of that my grade went slightly down. Thus, I was so sad that day because my aim of this subject was getting HD. After the exam, I went home and watched some videos on YouTube to improve my problem-solving skill for my future. Even though I scored very well in my exam and everything went in my way, I was failing the solving-based questions, which decreased the chances for me to score overall of Credit. So, I realised my weak point and worked out on improving it. I was not good at this skill which I had many complex experiments, and my future job is a microbiologist. Thus, it would not be easy to distinguish a complex problem or experiment as I do not have this skill. In this point, specifically in my first year the second semester, I started my plan and set some steps to give some solution as this problem could be solved. So, I asked for help from my coordinator, watched some videos, and took some courses. With those solutions, my problem-solving skill has developed in %75 which is an excellent thing for me. As a microbiologist, this skill will help me in my career job to be the ideal employee. I did not stop in this step; I am planning to focus on my skills that I need it in my future. After I finish my bachelor’s degree, I will take extended courses (6 – 10 months) to develop my skills especially problem-solving to make it one of my primary skills. This skill will help my resume and make it distinguished for finding a job. I would be a microbiologist but before that, I will work in some hospitals and do an internship, so I do not want my weak skill to obstruct me to achieve my goal. Once this skill I have it, it will give me many opportunities such as helping me to solve a complex problem and helping me to find out many solutions for my daily problems.


  • Communication:

Communication skill is one of the most powerful skills in the world. In my high school, I had a project that divided into three parts; presentation, essay, and questions. When I did my presentation, I was reading from my notes more than speaking up. My experience was horrible for my presentation that I was not prepared excellently. That presentation was my first one. My teacher gave me good feedback and some advice but that poorly skill I have. This was my presentation part, but it did not stop in only in this issue. The question part was even worse. This is because `I was not prepared well; therefore, I did not answer but smile and looked awkwardly confused by the questions. What made me feel even worse, the questions were not only from the teacher it was mostly from the students which are not that difficult to answer, yet `I did not answer any of them. The teacher was looking at me to answer `I was smiling in his face, he got angry and kicked me out of the class it affected on my grade which made it worse. That was my first time feeling crushed from my doing because I wanted to have a good mark in the assignment and `I did not want my parents to be upset about it. However, my parents were so mad at me because of my grade. I thought that I could not improve this skill and there was no way to solve it. However, I took my teacher’s feedback seriously, and I was thinking how to improve it in a better way. So, once I finished my high school, I realized this skill had to be improved that will help me in my university and my career. Because I heard that from my friends, there would be many presentations to do at my university. If I do not have communication skill, I will not be able to continue my bachelor’s degree. Next, I was learning my English language in Taylor’s college, and I did many presentations that were helping me to improve it. I joined to Tag Action Group which was a small group that every member has a task that talks to a group of students. This was improving my English language and communication skill at the same time. After six months, the college has provided a course called speak English only. It was a small group, they only speak in English, so I was communicating with everyone. This step improved my skill as well. I feel my communication skill is not good enough, but it works and helps me especially in my assignments. Once I finished my bachelor’s degree, I am planning to join several courses that include improving career skills. Those courses will help me to develop some of my skills that need to be improved. One of the courses is called “Mobadr” which is a group of members, they talk to people to know their main issues and collect it to publish it in public. So, this is one of the things that I will do in future. As a microbiologist, I will present my researches to the scientist’s community, and I do not want to be a nervous presenter. So, this plan will help me and decrease my nerviness when I am presenting.


  • Excellent writing:

Excellent writing is the most challenge for the non-English speaking background. Four years ago, I was studying the English language in Taylor’s college. The program has two parts; academic and general English language. I started learning general English included the letters which A-Z and some grammar basics such as present simple, past simple, and passive voice. I spent three months in general English program. So, when I levelled up to academic English, I realised the hardest time just started. During that time, I was focusing in my writing because it is extremely required for my bachelor’s degree and future education. In that time, I realised that I need to memories more academic vocabulary to increase my English knowledge. So, my teacher asked my classmates and me to do my first academic essay which I faced some difficulties to write. I asked for help from English Students Help in the college and my friends. Every essay has a unique structure such as introduction, body, and conclusion which I did not know what the structure was. When I handled my first essay to my teacher and he was looking at me like he said what is that. After that I got a horrible mark which that affected on my performance. I was so sad and terrible, and I told my parents about that which I was asking for help from them. They gave me some money to get some private tutorial that helped me to a quite good. During that time, one of my friends told me if you still stay getting low marks on your writing you will not be able to continue in your bachelor’s degree. I realised I have to work harder to be an excellent writer which I need to put some plans and get more private tutorials. I was considering my English language should be more than %70 in writing, reading, listening and speaking. My plan was dividing into three parts; getting extra tutorials, engaging with some groups who speak English only and studying hard. Hence, I asked for more money from my parents and my government because I am a sponsored student. I pushed myself to attend all the additional tutorials which helped me to improve my English. The second plan, I joined to Taylor Action Group that whatever I learned I used it with them. For example, I learned some new vocabularies, I used them in my speaking in that group. The last plan, I spent a lot of my time in the library that I read some books and memorised new vocabularies. So, sometimes I engaged to speak with people to use my new words. After my graduation, as I wrote that in my previous skills, I will spend 6-9 months taking many courses that will help me and adding something valuable to my resume. Thus, I believe this skill should be improved more than that which I have some terrible in my writing skill. As a microbiologist, I will be writing many kinds of research which the primary skill is required is excellent writing. Once I have finished my courses after graduation, I will be able to write many types of research, and this will give me many opportunities.