Print the name backwards


Write just one program as follows, all code in the main function:

  • Prompt the user to enter his/her full name (see sample output).
  • Use awhile loop to print the name backwards.
  • Useslicing to make a new string in the format lastname, firstname. Print the new string.
  • Determine the number of upper and lower case letters in the name. Print both totals.
  • Assign “You have to be vewy, vewy twicky to twap a wascally wabbit” to another new string.
  • Use a methodto correct Elmer Fudd’s bad spelling above. Print the corrected string.


Enter your full name John Hancock

Backwards, your name is kcocnaH nhoJ

Alphabetically, your name is Hancock, John

Your name has 2 upper case letters and 9 lower case letters

You have to be very, very tricky to trap a rascally rabbit

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