Preliminary Phase

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NINZA Sportswear Company has been producing products for the people who enjoy the outdoors and far beyond. We make no-nonsense clothing, boots, and accessories to keep our customers warm, dry, cool, and safe regardless of what. Our creative tools, irreverent spirit, hardworking team sets us apart.

Preliminary Phase

Even though our company is comparably new, we have succeeded and gained trust from our customers, by opening several stores we have decided to expand our business. We follow modern tendencies step by step and try to improve our customer service by making shopping simple and convenient. With this in mind, Online shopping store will help us to offer our products to the wide audience. Shopping process will be more fun and much faster. Besides our current local customers now we will be available for international customers as well. This step has several important aspects besides worldwide publicity. It will help us to know our customer`s needs, as well as track their interests.

Requirements Management – Can be fulfilled after we will have all phases.

Baseline Requirements for the management will be analysis which we will conduct after each phase to measure how they meet company`s requirements. For instance, trace requirements in designs, code, tests. Also we must have change control, the system must be flexible enough. Security issue is crucial as it has straight impact on the company and its further development. Manager must determine budget for the project as well as the people who will work on it and during the whole ADM cycle we have to follow those baselines and control not only the process but also the changes and challenges.

Architecture Vision. Phase A

Our aim is to simplify shopping process and make it painless and add more fun to it. Purchasing and selling products and services over the internet without the need of going physically to the market is what online shopping all about and today going online is very important component of the modern business making process. In our Online stores we will offer product description, pictures, comparisons, price and much more. It will be beneficial for us thus, we will have direct access to consumer ,the online store can offer products that cater to the needs of consume, cookies can be used for tracking the customer selection over the internet or what is of their interest when they visit the site again. So, This step of Online shopping makes use of digital technology for managing the flow of information, products, and payment between consumer, site owners and suppliers. As the matter of the fact it will help us to know our customers better, make wider our auditory and sell our products internationally.

Business Architecture. Phase B

Right now we owe 4 stores across the US and as the customer feedback shows we can move our business forward and be more decisive about our future plans at the moment our advantage is quality of our products and aspects such as: Moisture Control; Insulation; Hypoallergenic; Weatherproof; Durability; Comfort. Also, our strong sides are: Effective management, professional team and good customer service.

We need improvement in Marketing and get Social Media`s high participation. Different portals like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. A brief information is posted on social media about promotions and discount deals and a link is given for specifics. Once people click the link, they switch to the website where they can see an item.

We must create monthly projects and themes, weekly action steps, and daily marketing appointments to keep the focus, enthusiasm, and creativity on marketing. It will have huge impact on our online shopping store and rise publicity. As the part of the marketing we also must create smart gift card policy for our loyal present and future customers.

Information Systems Architectures. Phase C

Information system architecture must provide our customers with all necessary tools to shop at our store without leaving their comfort zone. It must be fast and convenient. The main features of this process will be the list of the products and shopping card. System will not focus on any particular demographic, it will not require large amount of memory (RAM) but important aspect will be filtering software, so customer could adjust his/her requirements and we could make recommendations based on previous purchases. Another important thing is shopping card, it receives data inputs for example: All those items which user has selected to purchase. Then is check out and requirement about shipping and payment information for which customer will be able to fill certain page of questions. Shipping methods will be different: US standard shipping, Us Express shipping or International Shipping. Our Main carriers will be UPS, USPS and FEDEX. About Paying methods, customer has to have several options not only by credit card but also with payment processor such as PayPal, or digital wallet such as Visa Checkout, or Google Wallet. As soon as customer purchase the item, he/she will get output data information about when the item will be on the place and also confirmation note which gives them access to receipt and how to track the order. From the client side obviously, it is important to have internet access and computer/smartphone.

Technology Architecture. Phase D

Even though we have a webpage, we still must rebuild it and create modern, attractive design for our customers. Building a website will requires certain investment. We already have a Domein, (NINZA.COM) but other than that, we have to improve our visual side. Our products must be given brief descriptions, specifications, prices, and the most importantly, images. This data has to be preserved in a very accurate way and illustrate the best side of our products and service. The details on all the items on the home page must be short, so when a customer visits the website and clicks on a product he can get specific product information. He simply clicks the button if he wants to buy it, fills in the required fields and then makes the payment. The product is delivered to his given address after a certain amount of time. The same process is done by Mobile Apps, and they are much easier to use. First step will be installation of the app and then starting the shopping on an Android phone. In addition, in the notification box, the user receives information about the special discounts and offers.

Opportunities and Solutions Phase E

Migration Planning Phase F

Implementation Governance Phase G

Architecture Change Management

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