Poverty, power, welfare, and community services

Bachelors Community Services

Intro to Community Services (INT 101)


Due Date: 4 Dec (1pm)

Word count: 1300-1500 words

REPORT: Poverty, power, welfare, and community services

What you are required to do: Watch the following documentary Struggle Street, Episode 1 on SBS on Demand:


My account login on SBS on Demand is username:[email protected] . Password :chaos24 in order to view the video required for this assessment.

In the context of the agencies which guide the Australian community services framework, use the following reports to justify your responses:

The Australian Council of Social Services (Peak body)


The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare


Submit a written report with a word count of 1300-1500 words, using at least 5 scholarly sources (IN ADDITION to the required documentary and the community services sector reports). Scholarly sources are books, book chapters and peer reviewed journal articles. Use ProQuest and/or other databases to help you find journal articles. Refer to the “How to write a report’ resources in the assessment link. Use APA 7 Referencing.

Drawing on information detailed in the documentary, select ONE of the case studies/stories in the SBS documentary. Conduct further research, describe the effects of poverty in Australia. In your essay, address the following points:

  • Using the two reports above, and the selected ‘case study/story’, explain the financial, social, economic, health and relationship issues experienced by people in poverty
  • Explain and analyse the interrelationship between poverty, power and disempowerment.
  • Explain and analyse the interrelationship between poverty, welfare and equity
  • Identify community sector agencies and resources in Australia that offer support, advocacy and interventions to people in poverty. Based on your reading of the two reports, discuss the extent to which they are sufficient and areas for improvement (using issues that you observed when watching the case study/story in the SBS documentary.

This assignment is not about merely restating facts and figures of the case (although you must do this briefly at the beginning) or giving your own opinion, but analysing the crucial questions of “what” is happening, “why” and “with what consequences“.

In-text referencing and a Reference List are required for this assignment. Please use APA referencing. Please ensure you attach a cover sheet to your work.

To describe is to provide characteristics and features. To explain is to provide an explanation of not only how something happens, but why it happens. To discuss is to consider more than one point of view, and provide arguments for and against the main ideas and draw a conclusion.

Do NOT utilise sources such as www.tutor2u.com and other such web materials as these in no way constitute academic references for the purpose of your assignments. If you rely on such sources for theoretical support, you will be deemed NOT to have met the requirements of the assessment.

Criteria for Written EssayWeight: 100%
Analysis of literature of the topics20%
Demonstrates understanding of the theoretical foundations relevant to community services work (power, disempowerment, welfare, equity, advocacy) and the agencies and resources to address issues.30%
Use and depth of research (textbook, evidence of scholarly research, currency of sources)25%
Presentation and referencing: effective and organised report structure with correct APA referencing, use of recent resources15%
Written communication skills: structure, word use, phrasing, spelling, punctuation

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