Policy Statement

Recruitment, selection and induction policy and procedure

Policy Statement

King Edward VII College is committed to recruiting and selecting quality staff and inducting staff to ensure they understand their job role and can follow all required procedures.


Selection decisions will always be made on merit so as to avoid discrimination and unfairness.


This policy and procedure applies to all staff who undertake recruitment, selection, induction and termination. This policy and procedure is supported by, and linked to the company’s Strategic Plan, and Staff Code of Conduct.


  1. Recruitment, selection and appointment.

The following procedures will be followed for recruitment.

  • Prior to the recruitment process commencing, HR to develop a position description or access an existing position description. Ensure all information in the position description is accurate and identifies the key responsibilities, key selection criteria and desirable skills and attributes.
  • HR will advertise the position using the organisation’s preferred medium(s) and Ad templates. Ads will clearly specify the purpose of the role, key selection criteria, mandatory qualifications and a contact name and number,
  • Following receipt of applications, HR and the responsible manager will develop a shortlist of applicants based on the applications provided and their suitability to the role. Ensure that all shortlisted applicants have mandatory qualifications required of the position or the ability to obtain them.
  • Interview of shortlisted candidates will be completed with HR and the responsible manager at the interview. Standard questions will be used and accurate notes will be taken.
  • Following the interview, HR and the responsible manager will agreed on the selected applicant and referee checks will occur using the Reference Check form.
  • Letter of offer to be sent out to successful candidate/s and rejection letters to unsuccessful candidates using standard letters.
  • Letter of offer is developed using standard template
  1. Induction
  • HR creates a staff file for the new staff member and all documents relating to the recruitment process are stored.
  • Staff member completes all required documentation for employment, including contrats, staff details forms and TFN notice.
  • Ensure signed contract is on file.
  • Induction plan is created and initial induction completed.
  • Inductions as per plan are conducted during the first three months, which is also the probationary period.
  • At least 2 days prior to the probationary period lapsing, HR will hold a review and support session with the employee. This session is to be used as a feedback and review from both parties on the probationary period.
  • A forward plan for development and training needs is to be developed during this session and agreed to by the employee.
  • If the employee’s performance is not satisfactory, the termination procedure must be followed as outlined below.

Supporting documents

  • Position description template
  • Advertisement templates
  • Letter of offer
  • Award
  • Employment Contract template
  • Unsuccessful candidate template
  • Induction plan
  • Induction checklist

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