Payroll package

Jeff is an analyst.  The human resources department is very unhappy with their payroll package.  They want the information systems department to write them a new package as they think they have unique needs that can’t be meet with a packaged solution.  What should Jeff do? 

  • Create an Entity Relationship diagram that captures this information about the UPS system.

UPS prides itself on having up-to-date information on the processing and current location of each shipped item. To do this, UPS relies on a company-wide information system. Shipped items are the heart of the UPS product tracking information system. Shipped items can be characterized by item number, weight, dimensions, insurance amount, destination, and final delivery date. Shipped items are received into the UPS system at a single retail center. Retail centers are characterized by their type, uniqueID, and address. Shipped items make their way to their destination via one or more standard UPS transportation events (i.e., flights, truck deliveries). These transportation events are characterized by a unique scheduleNumber, a type (e.g, flight, truck), and a deliveryRoute.

  • Discuss what should be done to ensure that the entity relationship diagrams balance with the data flow diagrams. What is the consequence of failing to balance these models? 
  • In parts (a) and (b) of this question you are asked to draw context and level-0 data flow diagrams for the case described below of a withdrawal of cash from an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM). The user starts the operation by inserting a card in the slot and the PIN number. The ATM checks the card by reading its information, expiry date, and then accepts the input of the PIN from user. The card is verified by sending both of the card number and the PIN to the bank, and hence the bank either sends confirmation or refusal. If the card is expired or invalid, or if wrong PIN is entered three times, the card is returned and the transaction is cancelled. When the confirmation is received from the bank for the validity of card and PIN, the user should enter his transaction type “withdrawal of cash”, and then enters the amount. The system checks that the entered amount is below or equal to the daily limit of withdrawals of 5000 SR. If the entered transaction amount is valid, the card is returned, the money is dispensed and the withdrawal receipt is printed, otherwise the card is returned and the transaction is cancelled.

a) Draw a context data flow diagram for the ATM cash withdrawal system.

b) Draw a level-0 data flow diagram for the ATM cash withdrawal system. 


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