overview of the selected NZ healthcare organisation

Your introduction must provide an overview of the selected NZ healthcare organisation including:
a) History of the organisation; and current structure and people of the organisation.
b) Vision/goals of the organisation and services of the organisation.
c) A brief introductory paragraph about your proposed topic for this project (e.g., absenteeism, occupational stress).

SECTION 1: Literature Review 
The Literature Review section will provide the context within which your project will be done and state what is already known about the proposed topic. It will provide a summary of relevant literature about the selected topic. In particular, you should:

PART A    (Learning Outcomes 1 & 3)

a) Elaborate on the importance of the selected topic based on scholarly research articles that are meaningful and relevant to your topic.
b) Identify and analyse the specific need for change in your chosen NZ healthcare organisation. For instance, you may state, based on current research, why it is important to address the selected issue (e.g., absenteeism, occupational stress) and what would happen if the selected organisation did not address this issue efficiently and timely.
c) Examine the relevance of change management to healthcare.
d) Distinguish the resistance to change in healthcare.

PART B    (Learning Outcome 2)

e) Evaluate the roles of senior managers in managing change in healthcare organisations.
f) Based on the literature review state your research question for this project.

SECTION 2: Research Methods

Elaborate on the methods that will be used to gather the required data and conduct your research. It should include:

a) Introduction of the overall methodological approach for investigating your research topic. Due to time constraints and administration requirements your study will be limited to secondary qualitative research in the form of case studies, text analysis or data analysis (use one of the following):

Case study: Choose a single case in your organisation which represents the topic of your project and evaluate the role of the manager in solving the problem.
Text analysis: Analysis of secondary data gathered from research articles, books and peer reviewed journals.
Data Analysis: Secondary data analysis refers to the re-use of such (often archived) data by researchers other than those who collected the original material.

b) Justification of the selection of this data collection method for your research. (5 marks)

SECTION 3: Timeline for the Project
Create a plan detailing the activities and expected timelines for completion of your project.

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