Organisational Change Management

Assessment Task
The assessment requires you to undertake review of literature about organisational change. Organisations experience change due to many internal and external pressures. You are required to undertake a review of the literature using five guided questions below. It is important that you do not copy and paste text from various sources. You need to read various sources and write the assessment using your own words.

The assessment requires you to undertake a review of the literature regarding one (1) of the following two topics as the focus of your review:

  1. The significance and role of Human Resource Development (HRD) as an agent of organisational change management.
  2. Managing and leading change effectively through understanding the process of change.

Student are expected to define key terms, provide a summary of relevant critical Human Resource concepts, contrast different Human Resource theories and models, as they relate to the chosen topic and use a selected range of industry examples to illustrate application.

In responding to your chosen topic question your consideration to the following issues will assist in the development of your literature review:

  1. What internal and external factors play an important role in driving organisational change?
  2. What role does senior management and line managers play in facilitating and implementing change?
  3. What are some of the common causes of resistance to change?
  4. What steps should organisations implement to ensure effective change process?
  5. What strategies could organisations implement to ensure a change capable culture?

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