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3. Analyse and critically examine your second CHOSEN concept, theory or framework. Consider the pros and cons in order to come to a supported assessment and conclusion. Explain and clarify using real world examples. Use organisational behaviour concepts, theory and frameworks in addressing this section.
4. Connect your two (2) CHOSEN concepts, theories or frameworks. Discuss the linkages you see between your CHOOSEN concepts. Explain and clarify your position with the use concrete examples.
For example, if expectancy theory is your first concept and job satisfaction is your second concept, then how would expectancy theory help reduce the problems created by job dissatisfaction? Would job satisfaction help increase an employee’s willingness to perform and, if so, which attitudes would be the most influential?).
5. Conclusion. Summarise key points made in the essay.
6. Provide a reference list. You need to use the APA 6th Referencing style.
As a general guide, section 2, section 3, and section 4 should be roughly equal in word count. The introduction and conclusion should each be approximately 10% of the length of the paper. You MUST consult and reference a minimum of 5 academic articles to support your analysis. Submission details: Upload your completed essay electronically by clicking onto the Essay tab in the Assignments section of Canvas
Assessment addresses SLO B: Distinguish between the major theories used to explain the behaviour SLOB of people in organisations acting as individuals, within groups and as a collective.
SLO C: Evaluate the major theories used to explain the behaviour of people in organisations acting as individuals, within groups and as a collective.
SLO D: Develop solutions and strategies to solve organisational problems using available organisational behaviour theories, concepts and practices.
Marking Criteria Please refer to Marking Rubric on Canvas
Assessment 3: Exam
Students will be required to sit a final exam which will cover the entire content from the course. MA
Due date: Exam Period Weighting: 40% Length and Format: 2 hours + 10 minutes reading time Assessment Details: Final examination comprising short answer, essay and/or case study questions
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