organisation and describe its difficulties

You should select an organisation and describe its difficulties. You should then explain how to implement
a suitable change process that can address these difficulties. The essay should contain a
description of the change process that is to be undertaken (i.e. it has not happened yet), the
types of issues that the implementation may raise for managers and staff, and how these can
be addressed.
The essay should start with an introduction that sets the scene and provides contextual
information about the organisation and its need for change (such as the type of organisation,
its role, where it is based and the problem it faces). Any organisation can be selected for the
essay even a fictional example. It is up to the student to decide how much supporting
background material is needed (it really does not need to be very long). The main part of the
essay should focus on the change process itself, its implemention challenges and expected
The essay should outline the proposed change process and discuss how it can be managed.
Advantages and disadvantages of the change process should also be outlined. It is essential
that the essay draws on relevant theory, tools and concepts covered in the Managing
Change module lectures and/or seminars and key readings. The aim of the essay is to show
how module material can be applied to the management of change in a real context. It is also
an opportunity to be critical of some of the concepts covered in the module and critical
enagement with the subject matter is strongly encouraged, as is bringing in additional reading
from beyond the module reading list.
The essay may include charts and diagrams. References to sources used must be included
and these do not count towards the word limit.
Students are reminded that this is an individual course work assessed task, and not a group
Students may select any organisation for the case, but the scenarios outlined should not be a
copy of the group work covered in the seminars (although it may take some inspiration
from the seminar cases). The organisation or the scenario may be fictional, or loosely based
on a real case or combination of cases.
The essay will provide an opportunity to operationalise course learning, particularly of
organisational change programmes discussed in seminars, towards practical tasks as well as
demonstrating understandi