OHSE2640: Hygiene and Toxicology I

1. Sources of exposure: Provide a summary of occupations/tasks that may present a risk of exposure and a sufficient explanation of the processes to show how exposure can occur.

2. Applicable Occupational Exposure limits (OELs / PELs): Provide the occupational exposure limits (OEL) applicable in Singapore. State if each OEL is long or short-term and includes any applicable skin or carcinogen notations.

3. Toxico-kinetics: Provide an outline of how each substance can gain entry to the body, how and where it is distributed, pathways for biotransformation if it is metabolized, sites of accumulation or storage if appropriate, and pathways for its elimination from the body.

4. Toxico-dynamics: Provide a brief description of how each substance can interact with cells and tissues to cause harm. Include a summary of the resulting health effects.

5. Presentation & Referencing: Prepare the assignment using formal English and appropriate sub-headings. Research the information in authoritative text and electronic resources, both in the library and on the internet, and reference appropriately. No specific referencing style is stipulated but be consistent and ensure that the appropriate forms for ‘in text’ citation and end listing of references are used.