NUR09721: Management of Chronic Disease

Subject NUR09721: Management of Chronic Disease

Learning Outcome

LO1: Evaluate the evidence-based underpinning current practice in the management of people affected by chronic diseases.

LO2: Examine the social and psychological impact of a conclusive diagnosis of chronic disease on people and their families/ carers.

LO3: Explore the role of the multidisciplinary team in promoting self-management to enable people to live positively with a chronic disease.

LO4: Analyse current local practice and identify possible changes to improve psychological symptoms and health, and well-being for people living with one or more chronic diseases.

Skeleton Assessment Overview

  1. A brief introduction to the epidemiology and etiology of the chronic condition.
  2. A presentation of one common symptom relevant to the chronic condition cancer -and scenario (use the scenario relevant to your chosen condition.
  3. Evaluate one advantage and one disadvantage of a relevant to one assessment tool related to the condition and/or symptom.
  4. A brief conclusion summarising the key points.

Summative Assessment Overview

You will select one chronic disease from the four studied in the module diabetes Mellitus, stroke, heart failure, and cancer. Write a report illustrating and examining issues that may affect a person with the chronic disease chosen.