Network Infrastructure – Assignment 1

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Network Infrastructure – Assignment 1

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Sunday 03 Nov 2019 at 11:59 PM
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1500 words
Network for Private Company: Lantern Paper Dreams

A company, Lantern Paper Dreams, which produces paper products such as lanterns, dragons, fans,
serviettes, party decorations for Christmas and other religions events such as Indian and Chinese
observances and festivals and many more, has contacted you to design and build a model of their
new network upgrade.
The company has its headquarters in Adelaide and is opening a branch office in Mount Gambier, as
Mt Gambier is close to the timber plantations and timber mills providing the raw materials for paper
The company conducts online sales, as well as selling via a physical shopfront. Thus, it has such
network facilities as email, an items inventory database, a website through which to conduct
advertising, business contacts and sales.
As you are a Network Engineer, you are required to design and implement a working model of the
network that is to support all the business activities of this company: Advertising, sales, research
and development, service and consultation.
It is suggested that for convenience and portability, you use Packet Tracer to create a working model
of this network.
Listed here are the groups that make up the departments of the company, with the number of
people in each:
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Adelaide Headquarters

Department Number of People Subnet Address Subnet Mask
Adel-Administration 10
Adel-Production 25
Adel-Sales 5
Adel-Research &
Serial 0/0/0
WAN link to Mt Gambier

Mount Gambier Branch

Department Number of People Subnet Address Subnet Mask
MtG-Administration 5
MtG-Production 25
MtG-Sales 5
MtG-Research &
Serial 0/0/0
WAN link to Adelaide

Subnets and Groups
Each of the groups (departments) will need to be organised in a separate subnet. You will need to
create a subnet design that will accommodate the current number of people in each group, but also,
you will need to include a factor of approximately 10% for the growth that is expected over the next
five years.
Since the owner wishes to keep the two locations separate for management and financial reasons,
you need to create different subnets in Adelaide and Mt Gambier. For example, the Sales
department in Adelaide will be in a different subnet from the Sales department in Mt Gambier. This
will allow management to analyse the Sales figures to a useful degree of detail.
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IP Address Scheme
For this reason, the subnets in Adelaide will use the base network and the Mt
Gambier branch will use the base network for its subnets.
Your ISP has given you a global address of for your public WAN link between
Adelaide and Mt Gambier.
You will need to document the entire subnet scheme, with host address ranges, default gateways,
broadcast and network addresses, etc. A table, similar to the tables above, would be a convenient
way to present this documentation.
Note: The network topology diagram shows only two physical cable connections between the
two workgroup switches and the router. It is possible to connect all devices to the router
using only one router interface, but this is beyond the scope of the course.
Using one router interface per subnet is the logical option, however, as there are not
enough router interfaces, we shall need to create Loopback interfaces, (i.e. logical
interfaces), to represent each subnet by the single IP address of the router interface.
Pinging the loopback interface successfully will be a suitable test for the existence of that
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In this project, please use the following interfaces:
Base Address – Adelaide:

Department Interface Subnet Address Subnet Mask
Adel-Administration Gi 0/0/0
Adel-Production Gi 0/0/1
Adel-Sales Loopback 11
Loopback 12
Adel-Research &
Loopback 13

Base Address – Mt Gambier:

Department Interface Subnet Address Subnet Mask
MtG-Administration Gi 0/0/0
MtG-Production Gi 0/0/1
MtG-Sales Loopback 21
Loopback 22
MtG-Research &
Loopback 23

Use the Gi0/1 interfaces on each switch, as uplinks to the router interfaces.
You can decide which access ports to use for the actual PCs for Production and Administration
There are only two servers: Web server and Server, in the Adelaide head office. These will be hosts
in the Administration subnet.
You will need to determine and supply computers – one per person – switches, routers, printers a
modem for Internet access and IP addresses for such services as DNS.
The design is based on Cisco 4321 model routers and Cisco 2960 model switches.
There are many questions that arise before such a project is fully workable, so you have 1500 words
in which to report on your Network design, how it ought to function and how it actually works, by
constructing a working Packet Tracer model of the network.
You would need to produce a list of required devices, cabling and any other equipment that you see
as necessary to complete this working network in the real world situation. You can discuss this with
your client – and make appointments to have your list of questions answered.
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Network Topology
The network structure is quite a simple design and this design, in time will be improved by
incorporating such elements as redundancy, scalability, availability and reliability and fault
It would be best if you presented a brief section on describing these aspects to your client and giving
reasons as to why these concepts will make for a much more productive and reliable network.
Academic Integrity
For your information, you need to strictly adhere to the University’s policies on academic integrity.
This is an individual assignment and the work you submit must be entirely your own: no part of your
submission can be anybody else’s work or work that you did together with another student or
students. You must not make your work available to another student.
All use of outside assistance – e.g. “essay farms” on the Web or work written for you by a friend – is
strictly forbidden and will attract a minimum penalty of zero for the assignment.
To defend yourself in the case of any suspicion of academic misconduct, you are strongly urged to
retain all evidence of how you developed your assignment, such as rough work sheets, notes, drafts,
copies of reference material, minutes of meetings etc.
It is a necessary condition of any work to provide a list of references at the end of your document.
You are free to discuss the report with others and to give and receive help, including references and
general discussion of the main arguments and conclusions, as long as the text of your report is
written by yourself (in short – it is your own work) and is not made available to others.
Your submission will be subject to automated checks for plagiarism, including, but not limited to,
Turnitin on our course website.
If you have any doubts about the academic integrity requirements, please discuss them with me.
Refer to the University’s academic integrity policy for further information.
Extension to Assessment Task Deadlines
There will be no extensions to the assessment task deadline unless arranged prior. If you submit the
assignment late for whatever reason, the late penalty described below will apply. If, for some
reason, you need to take extended leave from this course, such as jury duty or Defence Force leave,
please see the course coordinator BEFORE taking leave otherwise no extensions will be granted.
Late Submissions
If you submit your assignment after the specified deadline without a pre-arranged extension, a
penalty of 20% of the total mark per day (including Saturday and Sunday) will be incurred.
For example, if you are 2 days late and initially you are awarded 10/15, your actual mark will be:
First day late: 20% of 10 = 2, so mark is now 8/15.
Second day late: 20% of 8 = 1.6, so mark is now 6.4/15.
Please contact me if you can foresee any problem with submitting your work on time.
Claudio Sossi

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