National Sports League

The Brief – 2030: Australia’s first National Sports League

Post-COVID Australia will have a boom in population and 30 million people by 2030.

Which of the following sports will be the first to establish a true National Sports League 20 clubs across Australia with all states and territories represented.

NRL – currently 17 clubs, 10 in NSW, one in NZ, none in NT, SA, WA, Tasmania

Think about your chosen sport: WE


 Where will the clubs be located – identify the cities/towns/regions?

 Are they new clubs, merged clubs, or re-located clubs?

 What would the draw with 20 clubs look like – how many games per season?

 Do options include Conferences, Divisions, Pools, or promotion/relegation?

 When would the season be played – think competitors, venues, broadcasters?

 How would talent be distributed – drafts, salary caps, collective bargaining agreements?  Would you include talent and clubs from other countries?

Think about Australia in 2030:

 Population growth – where will they come from and where will they live?  What will the Australian population value in a post-COVID world?

 So far we have these questions below we need more than 5 questions to conclude so we can do the interview tomorrow. ( But I’m not Australian and I do not have any clue about NRL)

Can you guys help me??