Narrative History

Though just one of many causes, Yellow Journalism did play a role in making Americans aware of the situation in Cuba and building support for the Spanish-American War. Some historians argue that Yellow Journalism was critical to the United States declaring war. After reading your text and viewing the provided materials, consider the role of media shaping American public opinion and action. To what extent did Yellow Journalism lead to war with Spain? What benefit did the newspaper owners gain from the war? How has journalism evolved since the Spanish-American War? Is the role or prominence of media today likely to have a greater or lesser effect on the American public now? Fully explain your answers and give specific examples when needed.

*****Your short essay should include references to the textbook, as well as the articles included in the Lesson. If you choose to reference the material directly (quote them) be sure to include the source and page number. Your essay should be at minimum 300 words, typed

Use the textbook: America, A Narrative History, 10th edition, by David Emory Shi


– Yellow Journalism: The “Fake News” of the 19th Century

– A Splendid Little War Built America’s Empire

– On Hearst, Yellow Journalism, and War

On Hearst, yellow journalism, and war

Rubrics/Marking Guidelines :

Please use a few quotes from the book of “America, A Narrative History, 10th edition, by David Emory Shi”, with the page included.
It does not matter if the MLA reference style, here is an example of how it should look with the reference included, because the teacher is very demanding with plagiarism and the sentences that come out from the book should be marked with (“”) thank you so much.

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