Music Streaming Preferences

Course project: Create and analyze a Test:TOPIC: Music Streaming Preferences* Write the test (15-20 multiple choicequestions).*Givethe test to our class and/or other classes, friends at work, etc.Be able to divide the students into 2 or 3 groups in order to compare the data. You might compare males vs females, FR vs SR, athletes vs non-athletes—whatever is appropriate for your topic. (You want a samplesizeof 20-30.)Length: 5-8 pages (not includingrough work ortitlepage)Next: Writeuptheproject:I. RationaleWhydid youchoosethis topic?What isthe intended use of thetest? Howcan youfindoutif it achieves thegoal?II. MethodSubjects:Whodid youtest?Averageage?Numberofmales/females?Procedure:Wherewerethesubjects tested? Whatinstructionswere given?III. Results a. Reportthemeasures ofcentral tendencyb. Reportthemeasuresofvariability.c. Reportameasureof reliabilityand/orvalidity.d. Create afrequency/cumulativefrequency/percentagetable.e. Be sure to separate data by groups for some sort of comparison: males vs females, FR vsg. Doan itemanalysis.h. Calculateatleast1correlation. Includea scatterplotIV. ConclusionLookbackatyour sample andtheanalyses.a. What can youconcludefrom the analyses?Areallof thequestions good? Shouldsomebechanged?How? Doesitmakesense?b. What wouldyouchangeaboutthesample?Wasitgoodenough?c. Canyoumakea recommendation abouta“passinggrade”?d. Arethereother high,medium,or lowdivisionsthatyou wouldliketomake?e. What othertypesof (specific) reliabilityandvaliditytestswouldyourecommend?

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