Mills opened a miniature golf course

In December 2019, Mike Mills opened a miniature golf course to cater for the summer holiday tourists and completed the transactions below during its first month of operations. For the sake of simplicity, GST is ignored.

Dec. 1 2 4 6 15 24 31 31 31 Invested $90 000 capital in the business Purchased golf clubs, balls and other equipment costing


(a) Prepare general journal entries to record the December transactions.

(b) Post the entries from the general journal to running balance general ledger accounts and enter the posting references in the journal.

(c) Prepare a trial balance as at 31 December 2019.

The following transactions took place in January.


(d) Prepare journal entries to record the January transactions.

(e) Post the entries to the ledger.

(f) Prepare a trial balance as at 31 January 2020.

Part B

The draft accounts for the year ended 30 June 2019 and a balance sheet as at that date for S. Steiner are submitted to you. Towards the end of the financial year her accountant resigned and she had completed the records herself. She thinks that errors have occurred and asks your help. An examination of the accounting records reveals the following.

  1. Interest of $1920 on the investments held by the business was due, but has not been received.
  2. A payment of $4160 for new office furniture has been incorrectly debited to the Sundry Expenses account. The furniture had been purchased late in June 2019.
  3. Rent due from customers Raggatt and Petney amounting to $2560 is not included in the accounts.
  4. Repairs to Steiner’s private motor vehicle, $1700, have been debited to the Vehicle Expenses account.
  5. Commission due to sales representatives for the month of June, $4480, has been overlooked.
  6. An insurance policy covering contents and buildings was taken out on 1 March 2019, the annual premium of $2400 being paid in advance on this date and debited to the Prepaid Insurance account.
  7. A payment of $35 000 on 1 July 2018 for additions to buildings has been debited to Repairs and Maintenance.
  8. No depreciation has been recognised for the year ending 30 June. The draft balance sheet shows the following.
$204 800 Buildings (at cost) Accumulated depreciation Office furniture and equipment (at cost)* Accumulated depreciation $256

Depreciation is to be calculated as follows.

(a) Buildings: 2% on cost

(b) Office furniture and equipment: 20% on cost.


(a) Ignoring GST, show the journal entries required to make the necessary adjustments.

(b) Calculate the effect (increase or decrease) of each of the adjustments on the profit figure of $64 900 as shown in the draft accounts.

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