Milestone 6: Process Modeling

Milestone 6: Process Modeling Page: 6-3
Exhibit 6.2
ECS System Use-Cases

Use-Case Name Actor Trigger Responses
1. Check-out Equipment Employee Equipment Check-Out Generate check-out receipt
and create new Check-out
transaction record
2. Check-in Equipment Employee Equipment Check-In Generate check-in receipt
and update Check-out
transaction record
3. Turn in Lost Equipment Employee Employee turns in
Update Check-out transaction
record if possible
4. Report Check-outs >30
Time Daily Generate report for supervisor
5. Generate Equipment
Checked-Out Report
Employee Upon request Generate report for employee
6. Import Order Status Time Nightly Purchase Order status
information is updated
7. Request New Equipment
Supervisor Purchase request from
supervisor or staff
Purchase Request is recorded
8. Update Order Status Packing slip is received PO marked as being received
9. Send Hiring Notice Supervisor Hiring Notice Employee is entered to the
system and eligible to check
out equipment
10. Send Termination Notice Supervisor Employee Termination
Employee is removed from the
11. Submit Equipment
Restriction Notice
Safety Committee Equipment Restriction
Skill Classifications are
12. Send Skill Classification
Supervisor Skill Classification Update Employee’s skill classification is
13. Generate Employee
Losses & Damage Report
Supervisor Upon request Generate report for Supervisor

Milestone 6: Process Modeling Page: 6-4

14. Generate Equipment
Request Notice
Depot Staff Equipment Check-out Generate equipment request
15. Confirm Equipment
Depot Staff Equipment Check-out Check-out is recorded

Exhibit 6.3
Following is the narrative for the Check-out Equipment event. Use it to create a Primitive
Data Flow Diagram.
The employee enters an Employee ID which the system validates.
If the employee is found to be active, the system prompts for an
Equipment ID. The employee enters the Equipment ID of the
equipment s/he requires and the system checks that it is valid. It
also checks whether the employee is qualified to operate the
equipment based on the skill classification, and whether the
requested piece of equipment is in stock.
If the employee and equipment ID are valid, available, and not
restricted, a check-out transaction is recorded. The employee is
provided with a receipt detailing the check-out. The depot staff is
notified of the equipment location so they can physically retrieve it
from inventory. This ends the Check-out Equipment event diagram.
NOTE: Once the equipment is handed to the employee, another
event, the Confirm Equipment Check-out, will confirm that the
inventory has been physically reduced.

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