Microsoft Windows Active Directory Design

Research Paper and Report on a Microsoft Windows Active Directory Design

This research topic on Directory Services consists of two parts:

  1. Design and Write a Report: You are to examine the corporate structure of a large distributed college campus environment. ( ie. Box Hill Institute).

Given details of the organisation, staff, students, geographical considerations and physical network structure you must design a Windows Server Active Directory structure including Organisational Unit design within a Single Domain.

Note: You must give reasons for your design in this report.

  • In designing this structure consider that you will need to configure Group Policies for Mobile and remote access such that the users need access to a different DNS.
  • Finance and Payroll require access to special software that needs to be updated automatically via a GPO.
  • Staff should have no Internet restrictions but must have mandatory corporate wallpaper on their workstations, but students must not have access to some specific sites.
  • Human Resources require a secure environment that is that is managed by a GPO.
  • Student computers should be restricted in access to desktop changes, mandatory corporate wallpaper and must not be allowed to change the display characteristics.

Keep in mind that at the Dubai and Singapore campuses there are also some duplicated departments. The final design of your Active Directory will need to be drawn in an application such as Microsoft Visio which is available via the MSDN and Library.

Aspects to consider in the design and report may include but are not limited to:

  • Network clients (users needs)?
  • Ease of administration?
  • Mobile and remote users?
  • Wireless connectivity?
  • Design strategies. (Location, functional, organisational or a combination)?
  • Number of Domain Controllers and their placement?
  • Cost – equipment and staff?
  • Authentication methods?
  • Group Policy deployment?
  1. Research Paper: Other Directory Services from other Network Operating Systems.

What is required is for you to show your understanding of the role of a Directory Service, and the differences and similarities between several Directory Services that you find in your research.

Remember that an Active Directory structure is designed with network administration in mind, and it usually does not resemble the corporate structure at all. There is no specific answer to this design and many different designs could be quite appropriate.

Research Report Guidelines

The research report should be neat, readable, and self-contained. Also, it should be written with the readers in mind. Any class member should be able to understand your report, and benefit from the results you obtain. Therefore, you should include adequate references and/or background materials and you should use tables, diagrams, graphs, figures, and ports of printouts to enhance readers’ comprehension of your research.

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