MGT 631 Human Resource Management Assignment

MGT 631 Human Resource Management Assignment Questions and Answers

September 9, 2019Questions Answers

SBS Human Resource Management Assignment Questions for MBA

SBS Human Resource Management: Here is the best human resource for assignment help with MGT 631 HRM : Human Resource Management Assignment Answers at Swiss Business School. Find MGT631 study guides and notes.


Total Marks: _______ / 60

Answer any 5 of the following questions: Each question carries 12 marks.

  1. One of your employees slipped on the office floor and broke her arm. Identify the steps you would take to investigate this workplace accident.  (Topic 2)
  2. Thinking about your current job, what sources of power do you have at your disposal?  (Topic 3)
  1. How many negotiation situations have you encountered in the last week? Select two and analyze why you chose to negotiate, rather than resorting to some other approach.    (Topic 4)
  2. Analyze your own job and draw up a job description. How would you use this job description? How does it differ from your formal job specification?  (Topic 6)
  3. Examine a situation where someone you know was dismissed from their job-e.g. a colleague or friend? What were the grounds for dismissal? What procedures were followed? Evaluate the fairness and transparency of the process.  (Topic 7)
  4. Think of some work that you delegated or were delegated to you. How well was the work defined? What level of assistance was provided? Was its significance explained?  (Topic 8)
  1. Consider two or three recent changes in your own workplace. What caused them? How did they occur-were they planned or evolutionary? What was the reaction of the people affected? How could they have been better managed?  (Topic 9)
  2. Analyze your own workforce. What different cultural backgrounds are represented? Are you aware of the cultural norms which apply? Do you interact differently with those employees from different culture from your own? Why/why not?

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