menu discussions

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ISSPOd DCutnent locun p.ppP Tr? • customers • employees during the course of each business day customer surveys improvements suggested by: • customers • managers • peers • staff • supervisors • suppliers regular staff meetings that involve menu discussions seeking staff suggestions for menu items iievelop the above menus within commercial time constraints, demonstrating: o use of balanced variety of dishes and ingredients o methods for determining costs of supply for ingredients • methotli and ‘formulas for calculating portion yields and costs from raw ingredients o me, iesit.ndirig to feedback and adjusting menus o methods for achieving desired profit margins, mark-up procedures and rates • ,se of different types and styles of menus for dishes or food production ranges.
Answer the activity in as much detail as possible, considering your organisational requirements.
1. Develop a menu for each menu as following
1. PART A The seasonal a la carte menu consist., of a selection: • 3 Entrées • 3 Main Courses including one ethnic dish • 3 Desserts
The listed menu prices are to be UP TO as follows ;- • Entrée $19.00 per portion • Main $32.50 per portion • Dessert $14.50 per portion
2. PART B The Table d’hôte menu consists of: • 2 Entrées • 2 Main Courses • 2 Desserts • 4 dishes buffet style in cylical order (MUST be different to those menu items created or a la carte menu)
3. PART C Prepare Set 6 course degustation menu
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