Media kits/Rate cards are great resources

Advertising rates:

Please note that all rates quoted are standard rates, and this can alter according to the ‘importance’ of the client, their overall group ad spend, however, these will give a guide for your IMC plan. This list is not exhaustive of all the rates or types of advertising that can be bought. Please conduct your own research where needed and use the provided information as a guide only.




Media kits/Rate cards are great resources that include the demographics of readers and how the rates change across different sizes and date ranges. Many different print media distributors produce these guides for advertisers. Once you have the publication in mind try and find a media guide for it by searching online.


News Corp:                Take a look at this rate card for their publication ‘The Australian’:


Sydney Morning





Women’s Health:


Australian Defence Magazine:


Australian Geographic:


Coles Magazine:


Note: If you cannot find the rates for the specific Newspaper/Magazine that you would like to advertise in, please use one of the above rates as a guide. If the publication is a smaller readership and print, assume a cost at 60% of the rates in the above guides.





Letterbox delivery (unaddressed) = $110 per thousand (or part thereof)


Postage = the normal Australia Post rates unless you are considering 1000 pieces of mail or more and sorting by post codes, in which case you can deduct 10% of the cost. If you are using reply paid, then add 0.03 cents to each return cost.


More information here:






The following generic rates (based on the Sydney market) are provided for your use.  In addition, assume that Melbourne rates are 80% of Sydney, Brisbane rates are approx 60% of Sydney, Adelaide and Perth rates are 30% of Sydney and Newcastle rates are 10% of Sydney.


Rates below are for 30 seconds commercial, this is the usual. A 15 second commercial is roughly charged at 0.6 of the 30 seconds rate.


Sunday            6.00pm – 10.30 pm      $ 10,000


Monday           6.00pm – 10.30 pm      $   9 500


Tuesday           6.00pm – 10.30 pm      $ 10,000


Wednesday     6.00pm – 10.30 pm      $   9,000


Thursday         6.00pm – 10.30 pm      $   6,000


Friday              6.00pm – 10.30 pm      $   5,000


Saturday          6.00pm – 10.30 pm      $   4,000


All week:         9.00am – noon             $      400


12noon -5.00pm          $   1,000


5.00pm – 6.00pm        $   2,000


For information only (you need not alter your rates):

  • Rates are based on program ratings and population base
  • BT weekly lists all the top TV programs each week
  • Sporting events have special, much higher rates



Radio rates are difficult to obtain unless for a legitimate campaign (for a number of reasons which won’t be repeated here).  Some generic rates have been put together for you to use and are detailed below:


General Market:

For a 30 second radio ad you may assume that the top rating (Sydney) stations charge approximately $550 and the lower rated stations charge approximately $250 – $350.


Youth Market (popular music):

For a 30 second radio ad you may assume that the top rating (Sydney) stations charge approximately $550 and the lower rated stations charge approximately $250 – $350.


Newcastle Market

For a 30 second radio ad, the top rating stations charge approximately $130 (BMAD) $99 (RoS). Lower rated stations charge approximately $50 – $60 for a 30sec ad (BMAD). 15sec ads are charged at 0.7 of a 30sec ad.


More information:

  • Bookings 6mths in advance (-40%), 3 months in advance (-10%).
  • BMAD – breakfast, morning, afternoon and drive
  • RoS – Run of station. So the advert will play at random times throughout the day.



outdoor rates are based on population exposure and can be quite complex.


A simplified generic rating structure has been provided below for your use:


CBD areas

Large billboard = approx 23m x 4.5m = $50,000 per month

Medium billboard = approx 7m x 10m = $35,000 per month

Small billboard = approx 3m x 6m =  $25,000 per month


Suburban areas

Large billboard = approx 13m x 3.5m = $40,000 per month

Medium billboard = approx 7m x 10m = $25,000 per month

Small billboard = approx 3m x 6m =  $18,000 per month


Major roads elsewhere

Large billboard = approx 13m x 3.5m = $20,000 per month

Small billboard = approx 7m x 10m = $12,000 per month

Bus Stop Posters (Sydney and major cities)

$700 per fortnight per bus stop ad. Minimum one month campaign. Does not include production of poster.


Bus Stop Posters (Non-major city)

$400 per fortnight per bus stop ad. Minimum one month campaign. Does not include production of poster.




Below is a figure you could use for renting lists (for mailings and emails etc.).

I am making the costing quite simple by saying:

*for consumer lists – $450 per thousand contact details

*for business lists – $700 per thousand contact details



I am going to keep this simple.  Let’s say you want to place an ad on the fence at a sportsground.  For a regular sporting event you may cost this at $500 per week.  For a special sporting event $1,000 per week.



(rough approximations, enough for your purposes, follow)

– half page, city edition – $50,000

– quarter page, city edition – $25,000

– half page, regional edition – $16,000

– quarter page, regional edition – $8,000




(again, enough for your purposes)

$400 set up, $150 per month.

(This would only come up when people went to the link.  See for yourself how some details include an ad link.)





I am happy for you to omit costs for the website.  It is not just a promotional tool.  The business itself can pay for the website, not your promotional budget! This is when using the brand’s website, not advertising on another company’s website. The same is true for facebook pages, and other social media platforms.

The media creation itself though may still have costs associated that should be included in the budget.

If you are creating an entire new website though, you will need to factor in this cost into your budget. For a brand new website development you can use the rough figure of $10,000 if you cannot find any figures that closely fit your idea.




To run an ad for four weeks assume the following costs:

  • $1,500 for a 15 sec ad, per theatre
  • $2,500 for 30 sec ad, per theatre
  • $3,500 for 60 sec ad, per theatre




Some companies allow you to advertise in their email newsletters. Use the following table as a guide for this service:


Customer Segment Number of Emails Total Cost
Broad segment (e.g. Australia-wide) 35,000 $2,300
Niche segment (e.g. University lecturers in NSW) 11,000 $1,100










For a display 1.5 metres long approximate cost $2,500.



This can get very complicated, but you can assume the following costs:

  • $2,500 per 100,000 views. OR
  • $20 per day that you want the ad to be shown on the platform.



This again is very complex and varies significantly based on each website where the advert will be shown.

Use the following as rough guides (only for this assignment):

  • Small advert (120 x 60 – button) – $200 per week
  • Medium advert (300 x 250 – rectangle) – $330 per week
  • Large advert (851 x 315) – $490 per week
  • Extra Large advert (1000 x 550 – Full page slider) – $790 per week



A great tool for calculating the rough cost of podcast advertising is available here:

This is an American-based company but the estimated cost will be fine to use, without changing the currency.

Keep in mind that you should specify the types of shows that the advertising will be shown with, and more popular podcasts will have a higher cost attached.



In reality the cost of the advertorial will differ greatly depending upon the reach of the individual distributor and the length of the advertorial. But to keep this simple you can use the following cost rates as a rough guide for both offline and online distribution:

  • $500 per article for small publication (regional area distribution/less website traffic)
  • $1000 per article for large publication (more population area distribution/high website traffic)



Cost here is largely variable, changing depending upon the length of the video desired and also whether any complex editing is needed (e.g. adding special effects). As a rough guide you should budget $1,000 per minute of content you want to film. This includes the filming and basic editing. If you know you will need a bit more editing of the video budget $1,500 per minute of content