MEC 445: Industrial applications of Finite Element Analysis

Department of Mechanical Engineering
MEC 445: Industrial applications of Finite Element
Projects – Autumn 2019
The aim of these projects is to produce an advanced finite element model of an
industry-relevant application, to compare results with experimental measurements
and to discuss how this model could be used to solve an industrial problem.
Project details can be found in the attached documents.
Each student will produce an individual report, of the standard of a conventional
laboratory report. The report, apart from having the conventional title page,
summary, introduction, discussion, conclusions, references etc., should include:
i. Description of the analysis approach adopted;

Explanation of the model construction;
Details of solution methods and related parameters used;
Comparison between model and experimental results;
Interpretation of results and comments on any discrepancies;
Discussion about how to make use of the model to solve the industrial problem.

Format: The report is limited to 3000 words (word count must be included), a
maximum of 20 pages including cover page, summary page, content page and
references (any additional pages will be considered as Appendices and will not be
read), with 25 mm margins and Times New Roman font size of 12.
Marks breakdown: Analysis approach and model construction (30%), solution
methods used and modelling results obtained (30%), assessment, interpretation and
discussion of results (30%), report quality and writing style (10%).
Each student will also submit a one-page powerpoint slide by week 4 with no more
than 4 images of their modelling strategy in order to receive individual feedback at an
early stage in the project. This will be assessed on a Pass/Fail basis (with a Fail
resulting in 5% mark deduction for the final report).
– Rank all projects in order of preference in the form on Blackboard by Thursday
10 October (week 2) by 11.59am. Projects will be allocated based on preferences.
– One-page powerpoint slide submission through Turnitin by Thursday 24
October (week 4) by 11.59am.
– Reports must be submitted through Turnitin by Thursday 12 December (week
11) by 11.59am. The Departmental policy on late submission will be applied
(5% penalty per day late up to 5 days).

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