me with a very good business idea

About Business Plan.


Yazan turned up to me with a very good business idea when we all were asked to form group for our LAB module.

He wanted me to join the project group because he wants to launch the business in real world, but not just in the academic report.

I liked his motivation and enthusiasm and I joined him instead of asking for a dissertation because even I could see the future for my father’s dream. My father is owner of a garments manufacturing company. He is in this industry from past 35 years and brought up his company like a son. He always wanted to see his company on a high scale and international level.

I started working with my father from very beginning. Till I passed out my schools and started bachelors I was able to and was completely managing our company. I have a good experience too in this industry so I liked the idea and joined the business plan.


We are:


Yazan Abu Al Rous

Deval Khandal (Operational manager)

Sherief Naili

Tayseer Tussani


I can talk about any of the following topic by relating it to the theories, which are relevant to the decisions made.


Blue Ocean Strategy
Market Research
Competitor Analysis
Canvas Strategy
4 Actions Framework
Product Life Cycle
Research and Product Development
How Web Developer deal through Agile Methodology
Discuss Market Strategy
4P’s v/s 4E’s
Power of Social Media
Customer loyalty


But I have to focus more on these topics, because these were my decisions and my part of work within group.



Supply Chain


Pricing and Production Cost (estimation)

Legal Entity

Contingency Plans


Please make sure you cite “Graham Hall” few times. You can search him on Google Scholar. He is my professor. If you do so he will be happy, he is little bit kind of person having a lot ego.


Business plan is attached.


Please do not hesitate to ask any information further required.

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