MBA 7102 Assignment Brief 1

MBA 7102 Assignment Brief 1

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Module No: MBA 7102

Module Name: Dissertation 

Assessment Number: 2 0f 2

Assessment Type (and weighting): Viva Presentation 

Learning outcomes:

  1. Develop a realistic and ethical research question with a measurable aim and objectives
  2. Compile a critical literature review and research methodology
  3. Synthesize research findings and make informed judgements in the light of these
  4. Develop recommendations for future practice and/or further research as a result of findings
  5. Critically reflect on and refine academic and personal goals

Assignment Brief overview:

There is only one assessment for this module. The submission should be a comprehensive and detailed research work in the line of research proposal prepared in the previous module. The dissertation should reflect the quality of work appropriate for HE7 and should be an original work of the learner. The dissertation should be initiated with a chapter on introduction and the contextualization of the research must be done with necessary incorporation of relevant literature etc. Justification of the research should also be done clearly. In the review of literature, an extension of the literature review presented in assessment 2 of research module method is desirable. Research gaps or the departure points of research should be identified based on literature review and the specific research questions and objectives are to be highlighted accordingly. The development of research instruments identified as suitable within the research methods module should be extensively used. Ordering of the data should have been done to most succinctly address the research objectives. Evaluation of the findings by utilization of the conceptual frame identified in literature review (chapter 2) and other relevant works identified therein should be comprehensively and critically done. A reflective section on the completion of MBA should also be added.

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The dissertation should comprise of following sections, components and chapters:

  1. Scanned copy of filled in candidates Declaration form (Refer Moodle2 page)
  2. Front Sheet
  3. Acknowledgement
  4. Declaration of originality
  5. Table of Content
  6. List of Figures
  7. List of diagrams
  8. Abstract (not more than 300 words)
  9. Chapter-1: Introduction (15% words)
  10. Chapter-2: Review of Literature (30% words)
  11. Chapter-3: Research Methodology (20% words)
  12. Chapter-4: Results and Findings (20% words)
  13. Chapter-5: Observations, Implications and Future Scope of Research (15% words)
  14. Bibliography/References (As per Harvard Referencing Style)**
  15. Annexure/Appendices (Sample Questionnaire, Authorisation/Permission letter if any)

** Bibliography/References should be substantially distributed from variety of sources like corporate/industry/organizational websites, web-repositories, e-books, printed books, journals, magazines, monographs, unpublished reports etc. based on the requirements.

Submission Instructions:

You must submit your assignment by. Submission is by turnitin on the module Moodle page. Assignments not available at this time will be considered late unless an extension has been previously agreed with the Module Tutor. Please ensure you follow the instructions provided by your module tutor and in the assessment brief.

To submit an electronic copy in turnitin:

  1. Click on the provided link in Moodle to go to turnitin
  2. Choose ‘submit a paper’
  3. Type your assignment name in the required field
  4. Upload your assignment
  5. Don’t forget to tick the confirmation box
  6. Click on ‘add submission’
  7. It will take some time to provide you Similarity Index result.

You will be able to upload drafts of your written work prior to the deadline to enable you to check your Similarity Index. After the deadline, you will not be able to overwrite the final submission.

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Marking Criteria:

Introduction of the research topic with proper contextualisation and general research objectives10%
Critical review of literature based on conceptual map and identification of research gaps. The review of literature will be evaluated on the basis of breadth and depth of reporting (A) and criticality in terms of contrast, comparison between observations in terms of tangible findings and general conceptual discussions (B)25% –         10%(A) –         15%(B)
Research Methodology, including ethics and justification15%
Data Analysis, Findings15%
Observations, Implications and Future scope of research15%
Language, structure, format (A) and citations references (B).20% –         10% (A) –         10% (B)

MBA 7102 Dissertation Thesis Topics and Assessments PDF Examples Answers for University

Specific Assessment Criteria:

First class: This piece of work shows evidence of wider research with reference to a number of differing academic viewpoints. The essay has recognized relevantly and discussed in detail, all the requiredexternal environmental factors which affect the management operation of mega events.  Several reasoned and logical arguments have been developed well and supported by a wide range of appropriately researched literature.Reference to two or more academic models is clear, relevant and informative. Presentation is of a high standard, and in the appropriate essay style.The high number of appropriate sources has been referenced accurately and to a high standard.

Second class: A clear and informative piece of work with evidence of wider research and discussion. The essay has correctly recognized and discussed all the required external environmental factors which affect the management operation of mega events.  Some reasoned arguments have been developed and supported by a good numberof sources.  Reference to two academic models is clear.  Presentation is of a good standard, in the appropriate essay style.  A good number of appropriate sources have been referenced well, with most complying with the Harvard style.

Third class: A reasonable attempt has been made at researching the essay but greater in depth discussion and academic debate is required. The essay has recognized the external environmental factors which affect the management operation of mega events, however mostly the discussion is superficial and lacking in any depth.  Reference to two academic models hasbeen attempted.  Presentation of the essay is limited, and only the minimum of 5 sources has been provided, with at least one academic text and two academic journals included.

Fail: Students who do not meet the requirements of a third class grade will not successfully complete the assessment activity.

Please also see Section 13 for General Assessment criteria.

Submission Instructions:

See Section 10 Guidelines for the Preparation and Submission of written coursework, which will give you details on how to submit your work electronically.  You are required to submit only electronic copies of your written assessments, unless your ModuleTutor advises you otherwise.


  • Do not cut and paste phrases or paragraphs from published sources. You should seek to use your own words to explain concepts and theory.

You should aim to primarily use journal articles rather than text books. If you wish to refer to specific quotes from published sources then you must use full Harvard presentation. See BISSTO for clear guidance.

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