Master Decker Expansion Opportunities

In this assessment, you are to analyse the business case of Master Decker: Expansion Opportunities to identify the problem and issues the company is facing.

Assessment requirements:

  • Your case study write-up should include the first five sections listed below:


In this section you are to provide a brief overview of the important background information relating to the company. This information presented in the Background section should be relevant to your discussion of the company’s problem and issues that you are to identify in section 2.

Ideally, you should briefly describe the company’s products, strategy, environment and/or other significant aspects that you see as relevant in this case.


You should only include what is pertinent to the problem and issues in the case and avoid reproducing the original text of the case.

Problem & Issues

In this section you are to identify and briefly discuss:

  1. The problem the company is facing at the time of the case,
  2. The issues that may have led to the problem the company is facing,
  3. The rationale that links the problem and issues you have identified – explain how the issues you have identified lead to the company’s problem.


A problem is something that the organization must overcome to be sustainable and is reasonably well understood – even if its solution is not.

An issue is more specific to the company’s situation and has led to the problem. It also requires attention but needs to be investigated and better understood (which you will attempt to do in Sections 3 & 4) before specific solutions are considered.

Qualitative Analysis

This section requires your analysis of the qualitative aspect of the three different expansion opportunities presented in the case. Your analysis should be supported by the relevant theory and concepts covered in ACCT7107.

Calculations & Interpretations – Quantitative Analysis

This section requires you to undertake quantitative analysis on the case. You are to perform calculations (may be presented in the Appendix) that are relevant to the various expansion opportunities highlighted in the case. In addition, you will interpret the results of your analysis with references to the relevant theory and concepts covered in ACCT7107.

Recommendations with Critical Evaluation

In this final section, you are to present your recommendations to the company’s management in relation to the available expansion opportunities. Your recommendations should be informed by your analysis in Sections 3 & 4.

  • Be aware  of  the  assessment  marking  criteria  –  read  through  document “ACCT7107 Case Study 2 Marking Criteria”.
  • Your case study should be cohesive, succinct, readable, well-presented and free from spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Word limit: 900 (does not include the Appendix, headings, tables or graphs)
  • You are not required to conduct research for this assessment – references (in-text citation + bibliography) are only required if you refer to external materials.
  • This is an individual assessment. You are required to submit your work via the Turn-it-in link in the “Individual Case Study 2” folder under the Assessment tab on the Blackboard site by the due date. Submitting your case after the due date will attract late submission penalties as per Section 5.3 of the ECP.
  • You may submit your work as a pdf or a Word document.
  • You may submit your work multiple times before the due date. The system will retain your last submission for grading.
  • As part of this assessment, you are to complete a case study survey and a topic quiz on Decision Making and Relevant Information (this is a formative assessment and has no impact on your case study marks or your course grade).

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