Marking criteria for Assessment

Write your essay based on various sources (e.g. newspaper/magazine articles, interviews,YouTube videos, etc.) that has information about that particular entrepreneur. Remember to reference each source used using APA formatting style. Note that you are free to choose any entrepreneur except for Steve Jobs and Richard Branson as they are quite well-known entrepreneurs.
Marking criteria for Assessment 1
Ability to reflect on the venture started by the entrepreneur and on the entrepreneurial process that the entrepreneur went through Introduce the entrepreneur.Discuss the ventures started by your chosen entrepreneur (why and/or how the entrepreneur started that particular venture, what was the outcome – it does not matter if the ventures you discuss were successful or unsuccessful). What was the venture about? When and why was the venture started?
What were the problems faced by the entrepreneur? In this section, you are expected to focus on the entrepreneurial process that the entrepreneur went through.
Critically reflect on the lessons that can be learned from that entrepreneurWhat have you learnt from that entrepreneur that you would like to emulate in your personal and professional life. Why? How did the entrepreneur manage risk for his or her new venture?
Need 1200- 1500 Words 3-5 Reference APA style