Marketing Performance and productivity

Marketing Performance and productivity Final Assignment

You are the CMO in your organisation. Using the knowledge available to you from the content covered in the course and any learning from your own research you are required to issue a proposal to your CEO proposing that the company should commence the practice of measuring marketing performance and productivity.

Your proposal should:

• Explain the purpose of MMP & P (6 marks)

• Outline who in the company will be able to use the information generated (6 marks) and detail the characteristics that will define that information (6 marks)

• Detail the most important metric that will be used (6 marks) and provide a worked example of this metric (4 marks) so that the CEO will have a clear understanding of this specific metric

• Explain in detail the specific method/tool by which the information gathered will be communicated (6 marks) .

• In order to assist the CEO in her understanding, you should detail at least 5 (10 marks) of the metrics that will be presented in the method/tool by which the information generated will be communicated

• Outline how you plan to overcome the cultural barriers within the company that will challenge the introduction of the MMP&P programme (6 marks)

Your proposal should be precise, should avoid using vague terms and should be presented in no more than 4 A4 pages using size 12 Times New Roman font. This final assignment is worth 60% of the overall final mark to be awarded. Your assignment should be submitted using the “Turn It In” facility on Blackboard. The deadline for submission is Sun Dec 15th 2019. Late submissions will not be assessed and will result in a zero mark for this assignment. The marks for the assignment will be awarded as follows:

50 marks (as detailed above) for correctly reflecting the appropriate material from the content delivered throughout the module

5 marks for clarity and brevity

5 marks for quality of writing (including academic referencing etc)

Good luck!

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