Marketing Management Assignment

Online Marketing Management Assignment Questions UAE

As a marketing consultant, construct a business report for an organization of your choice, covering the following five aspects of Marketing Management:

Question 1:

With the use of appropriate marketing models and concepts, critically examine the current market position of one of your chosen organization’s products.

Question 2:

In light of the above findings, state and justify THREE marketing objectives that your chosen organization should pursue for this product over the next three-year period.

Question 3:

Identify three target segments, and demonstrate how your chosen company will develop loyalty with those consumers over the strategic three-year horizon.

Question 4:

How would you use the Marketing Mix and other marketing tools to position your brand in a competitive industry?

Question 5:

In the Annexure to the report, you must outline the key areas of study and research you have undertaken and then specify the literature and other evidence sources you have used to complete the requirements of this assignment.”

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